Ganking with Rona

Hey people.
I bought Rona couple a days ago because she has been buffed this patch and thought she will be good. But i have difficulties making her work.

Whenever i try to gank enemy escapes. How do you gank full health laner with boots and flask? After the jump with A he just uses boots. I use my boots and B but he is alredy under turret. And than he and turret waste me. The ultimate slows me down and they just walk out of it. I can go through whole early game with no opportunity to gank. No low health enemy laners etc.
After using B and Ult i find myself with all abilites on cooldown and my enemy running away.

Which leads me to late game.

How do you late game fight? Almost always when i see my allies engaged i jump in on carry, but they suddenly back off or just watch as they focus me down. And then when i am dead they make last stand 4v5 in any position. This happens with bf too. Any advice?

Sry for a lot of questions. Help would be greatly appreciated.

I haven’t played Rona in a lot recently and haven’t tried her after buffs, but with that said I love I’ve always loved melees and preferred them to ranged. My point was I can’t know if it’s your fault or Rona is still bad and can’t kill but I can tell you a mistake you’re doing on probably all melees just by reading your post. Very common mistake is when people use all of their gap closer without even needing them in the beginning just so all of the abilities are used. This is especially big on Krul and as a Krul main since my first week of playing VG I don’t understand when people use passive and A at once. And on top of that this is listed as a “tip”. What’s the point of using a gap closer when they’re almost rooted. Now if you’re lvl 6 and can literally 4 shot kill them it’s not a big deal but if not it makes a huge difference. Same for Rona. You said you engage with her A. That works if you can delete them but otherwise you’d be in trouble. Why don’t you engage with B and continue auto attacking when they move away jump after them then and use the second hit of B. It’s a very damaging combo with much better chasing potential. As I said I don’t know if she’s good though so it might not be enough and she would just not be able to finish off her targets. As I said I haven’t played her so can’t tell but I don’t think she’s still that bad. Her buffs were basically reverts of her nerfs so she should be decent. And 1 more thing. Have you tried playing her as Bot laner? She’s good at dueling, split pushing, has an escape and doesn’t need to chase. You either get objectives or they come to you themselves, which is basically what you wanted.


Oh, that makes sense. Im so automatic when i play these heroes. Next games i’ll try to practice that. (B–>A–>B).

I played her in jungle, felt it was natural place for her. Didnt try her bot. Actually i rarely play bot(generally). It’s been mostly captain and top position. Sometimes mid and jungle. I’ ll certainly try play some games bot with her.

I don’t really know which position is her best currently but she was best at bot when she was good and in 3v3 she’s better at lane so I guess bot. I just gave her a try, she’s decent. Can’t tell for certain as it was a single game but she is pretty good from what I saw. I went with the split push build (SM BP TT TM).

Yeah she is good. Played 3 games in casual right now rona bot. Wow. By using B as her engaging ability all the sudden people are falling around me :p. No problem catching up. Really fun hero.

Two games sp bp def def jb sb
One game against krul sb ps def def jb bp


She is gold hungry so Bot is definitely the best spot for her. With mortal wounds on her B, you don’t really need a PS. I would go BS over PS if you have mostly melee.

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