Game opening

I am having a problem with opening the game.The problem is: I install the game in playstore normally, after this, I open the app and give the permission to acess memory and audio, so the app starts to
restart forever.After this problem, I turned off the SD Card , uninstalled the app and cleaned all the data of my memory.I installed again and opened the game, and a screen appeared, saying that theres nothing to install and the game is in the SD Card (Even I installed the game again and turned off the card).My operational system is Android, 6.0.1. My cellphone is Galaxy J5 Metal, Samsung.Sorry if my english is bad, I’m learning, haha! Thank you all for the help, if I have news, I’ll update the post.

Did you try to install the game directly onto the phone memory ? Also if you can, keep your phone updated as well, it will help.

Make sure you’ve got a good connection is all I can think of. Also, what model year is your phone? because I had a J5 2016 edition until recently, and vainglory ran very badly. the game is supposed to have minimum specs of 2GB ram, the J5 (even the new one) has 1.5GB

I also bought my J5 in 2016…I have 2 GB RAM.There is the problem, the game is updating and the device can’t support :frowning:

I will play the game in my father’s cellphone until I have money to buy another one.Thanks!

This is not related to the phone being outdated , I think the sd card is the problem , like I remember in the old forum a lot of threads about this , and one of the main question the Devs asks is if you using sd card or not , because it’s a different matter.