Game freezing

My game keeps freezing for 3-4 seconds every 1-5minutes. I’ m losing matches because of thi. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me? Could anyone help me get rid of this freezing?

Maybe you have been playing the game for a long time and you have to reset the app? This always happens to me when I get the time to play for a long time and eventually I have to restart the app (which always fixes it) cause it gets too laggy to play.

I haven’t had this problem however possible causes:
Your phone’s ram and processor are being used by other apps (close them and you should be good)
Your phone can’t handle the current settings (lower your graphic settings in VG)
Internet is instable, VG loves crapping out when your internet is somewhat potatoish so your options then are to A switch to data or wifi, or B restart your device because it could just be your receiver acting stupid
Other possible reason: New bug

Edit: Or maybe your phone is overheating (had this problem on my old Sony Xperia)

I think it could be that my internet is potato when this happened or it could be a new bug. This update has been so buggy for me. I try to prevent my phone from overheating(since when it overheates the game does not run smooth), but this happened when I just ran the game for the first time today so it got me surprised.

how? by cooling apps? or by restarting?

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Run a speed test (on Google just type in run a speed test)

Potato speed is: 1-15mb download
Average normie speed: 15-30mb download
Try hard speed:30-50mb download
Elitest speeds:50-100+mb download

That’ll tell you if it’s your internet (you want to do it at least 5 times to check for consistency)

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the ping is far more important than download speeds. location effects ping… i don’t mean outdoors or indoors, i mean country and your closest server.

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There are some reasons that may prevent my phone from overheating:
I don’t have many apps installed on my phone.
I close all apps before running Vainglory.
Low screen brightness.
Surface. I think this one is important as your phone can keep overheating or stop depending on your surface( For example fabric, my phone overheats when I play on it), I’d suggest a surface that is non-fabric(I play mostly on the ground).
My phone is iPhone 6 in case you are wondering.

I just made a test, the result are:
13.7MB (Download Speed)
7.8(Upload Speed)
Ping: 12MS(which is a total lie lol)

do you use a phone cover for protection? that effects the temperature by alot.

Try clearing the ram , hold the turn on/off button until it shows the turn off slide , stop holding it and hold the home button until the device refresh , if you could try different game modes do it , see if the thing only happens on ranked or casual or brawl modes , because it could be from the game servers or the ports , it could be from your isp if it’s a port problem ,

To make sure your isp not the problem , you need to download a Vpn and try playing the game and see if it’s freezes , if it’s not doing it then your isp (internet service provider) is the problem .

Had the same freezing issue with my old device. It was a SD430 with 2GB ram and 8GB storage.
Folks on Twitter said it’s an issue with storage.
I did hard reset the device to see if it helped in any way but unfortunately nothing changed so I bought a new one.
gave that phone to my friend and we were playing 5v5 on that few days ago.
Who knows how it fixed itself.
(It was freezing in 3v3 but now it doesn’t even freeze in 5v5, although I did switch to medium from high graphics).