Game crash 3.9

I am having a problem with hey! Was really excited for 3.9 from the day I heard about it, I am facing a serious issue with 5v5 ranked matches, as soon as the draft is done game is getting crashed and tries to connect 4-5 times, some times my teammates already give up and report me and sometimes by the time my game starts, river shops have already arrived. This problem doesn’t show up in ARAL or casual matches, facing this only in 5v5 ranked

My device ismoto g5s+
My operating system isandroid Oreo 8.1.0

This type of problem is super common with VG, most of the time we just have to bear with it until it gets helped sometime in the future. You might want to run through some of the usual ‘connection issue’ steps though if you haven’t already, in case it’s something on your end. If you’re still having persistent problems, send a support ticket to SEMC.

It is a bit unusual that it’s only happening in 5v5 ranked though, that might be worth just skipping the connection stuff and sending a ticket straight away.