Game bootlooped

So I just started a game where I wanted to play Gwen.
I never got past her splash art filling my screen.
Splash art -> Black screen ->Splash art -> Black screen until I got a deserter warning!!!

This is so not okay. I lost Elo, quite a bit even, it wasn’t my fault and now I have a deserter warning bringing LPQ closer…

Is this a known issue?

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well. I’ve seen plenty of Gwens being played. on stream, in game, so this could be deeper than just selecting Gwen.

Is there anything else you can remember?

I had first pick and used SE gwen…

That happened to me once a long time ago. Is your device old? VG likes to crash on old devices, or not even load. It’s a pain, and why I play on an IPhone now.

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My device is older yeah. But I even switched to my phone which is very recent and it refused to load there too…

Normally that switch saves me when I experience a crash but this was something new entirely…

its probably the swap players bug but in a new form with a loop
so instead of disconnecting and swapping , you probably disconnected and the game refused to connect you back to the game , i dont think it going to happen to you again , its probably a rare thing.

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Try this:

You’re going to clear the RAM of your mobile device.

If on tablet, like ipad air, hold down the power button until you see the “Slide to power down.” Stop holding down the power button and hold down home button until you see the game respring.

Whenever i get lag frozen, I try clearing the ram and most times, it helps tremendously.

Though, this is obviously only for IOS, so tough luck if you’re on android.

My Ram is always clean. We have apps for that on Android. Apparently it was an issue with my device being to full cause cleaning a lot of stored stuff fixed the issue. I never got any heads up that that was the issue. Apparently the VG app expands when loading the actual game…

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