Future of VG according to SEMC article


I still think they have a love to the details for what makes a MOBA a MOBA. Map awareness is key. The ability to stutter step. Vision. I also love some added and unique elements. Vain crystal fighting back, river flow effects on move speed. Graphics still blow me away for a mobile.

I do believe they need to spend more time reworking the META through hero edits. I really think 50 should be the cap. They then should look at the analytics. Heroes used the least should get minor buffs. Heroes used or banned the most should get minor nerfs. It would dramatically change the very predictable drafts. Churn is always banned. Anka is almost always banned. Same for Phinn. So, these heroes aren’t really a part of the ranked game in most public matches.

It’d be great to constantly rework the heroes they already have, all of whom look cool, have cool stories, abilities, and skins, etc. Thoughts?


I get your point on downplaying the signifigance of cross platforming VG but regardless of what Warframe has done they aren’t on phones in a full game capacity. Vainglory can still be the first to be on all the big consoles, PC, Mac, Chromebook AND mobile phones.


They should make hats grindy worthy. I mean at least let us spend glory for a chest


I think we really need to advocate for the original blitz to be brought back in some form. It truly was THE mobile mode. Everything else you kinda gotta be sitting a while for. No need to acknowledge why the current blitz sucks unless you’re actually in the mood to deal with the shenanigans.


Nah, getting to 100k essence has been a pretty enjoyable goal for me.


Coming soon …


Lmao i read that post and completely missed that whole section with the images. Thank you THANK. YOU. Jeez. Lol. This update is so damn chock full of goodies I actually have hope again.


Same! I’m more optimistic about VG right now than I’ve been in almost a year!


I think all of us are like that.