Future Hero/Skin Incoming? (lore based stuff)

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Hi, please read the Taizen Boss Kensei lore, it’s not that long, before continuing unless you like spoilers or something.

“Get me a hacker,” he says. “Aullerian. The best there is.”

This part of the lore was so damn direct, but the ending just leaves me thinking, who could he be possibly be referring to?? Taizen Boss Kensei seems to be canon but only SV can confirm obv. Any ideas on who this “hacker” can be?

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Shut-in blogging/hackerman using the powers of malicious judgement and hax to doxx other heroes.

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Probably kenetic as she was talking to him during first lore on what he saw

I don’t think a hacker is referring to Kenetic, as she is currently the one in control of Kensei. The hacker being needed to take that control away.

Who it could be is beyond me.

If they take someone already in the lore Joule is a prime candidate as the hacker.


Yeah and Sam is basically the main character of the lore so he should have just as many skins as Celeste and tbh I’d be pretty happy to see Sam with 3 more skins and yes we need Hackerman Samuel and his ult should make enemies turn into black silhouette if they fall asleep maybe we can make his Drifting Dark be just a bunch of 01010010101s. And yes i also need sleep.

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No, we need ChurnLord Samuel.


Oh hell yeah, throw me back into Samuel main!

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