Funny conversation (or worrying) with a vainglorious player

First, i have no idea where this thread should belong, so i just put it in game moments. Second, i don’t know if i can even tell what happened in a private conversation, but i won’t show screeshots.

So i met a vaigloruous player in a 5v5 match during the summer event (where you had to win 10 5v5).
We won and after the match he invited me, and he figured out i was a girl.
After a couple of hours (i was playing at 2 am eh eh) we played 5-6 blitz matches together.
He was a really good player (once the enemies didn’t even get a point).
Then i said that i had to go to sleep, and he asked me if i had discord.
I, as a good paranoid person, said no at first (i had some bad feelings), but then he insisted so i said i would have downlowd it (even if i already had it) .
Every time i entered vg to collect the daily chests he spammed me with the message “u already download discord?” so then i gave him my code and he asked me when i could possibly play.
I told him i was taking a break and he asked me why.
I told him that vainglory somethimes makes me really frustrated and angry (and because he creeps me out and i didn’t want to play with him) but he said i had to play with him so we could win so i won’t get angry.
He said he misses me (wut?) and started to randomly talk about the cat in my avatar.
I told him to chill and i asked him some questions, figuring out his nationality.


He asked me if i could show him my photos (nothing dirty)…

i refused to show them and he asked me why.
I said that we were complete strangers and i can’t show my photos to a dude i met on a phone game. He responded with a dot and then he said"ok maybe in future".
After that day he wrote me asking if i was working or going to school.
I said i was a student and i figured out his age. He was older than my brother (4 years older), and my brother is 6 years older than me…
He asked my age and i decided to troll him: i said i was 12. He was clearly astonished because he asked me “u old is 12?”, hoping that i typed 1 instead of 2. Then he said alright with a emoticon (;D) and then he never replied to me.
Before that he replied to me after 10 second i had wrote something and i thing this is creepy.
During all the conversation i was chatting with my friend who plays vg too, giving me advices about the conversation and we laughed all the time.
She then told me that the same guy invited her too! (we are in the same guild and her in game name has her name in it).
So i guess he was looking for a girlfriend and i hope his experience with me thought him something

Sorry for my english


Yikes. It sounds like you were appropriately cautious about sharing personal information.

Thanks for sharing the story. It’s a very good cautionary tale.


i dont know why you mentioning your gender
i had a lot of conversations with players in the game , people ask about where are you from more than your gender .

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Yep that was my mistake. Lesson learned

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Sounds like a weirdo… I had something similar happen to me with a guy after I gave him some game advice on the old forums. He kept asking to play and asked for my Discord a bunch. His intentions seemed relatively decent, but you can never be too sure as a female playing these types of games. I wonder if he really did just want to play games and I was reading it wrong, but I was probably better safe than sorry.


“U old is 12?”
“Alright ;D”



I wonder what would happen in these situations if you go the opposite way and say your like 60 years+ old grandparent, wonder what the reaction would be then


Plot twist it’s still “Alright ;D”

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Wow. I usually give people my discord almost straight away, assuming they’re friendly enough. Although tbf a) I’m not a girl, b) am careful only to use discord for gaming purposes, c) don’t give details like my age, location and real name unless I have known the people for a while and trust them.

That was my friend’s same reaction


And it looks like he unfriended me in the game but not in discord

what server do you play on ? (30 characters)

Is it ******** ? 30303030303


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Yes! Did you looked in vgpro or do you know him?

I’m playing in the EU server.
Why the heck my post should be 30 characters long?

I think at this point there’s no female VG player this guy hasn’t harassed.

Wow… i didn’t know it… so i guess this guy is “famous” in the vg forums

Not in forums but in EU. 30303030

Ok i did some research and i found him in an old forum post and where cpkestrelotp said he was one of the worst vainglorious player in eu

I think i know who that guy is lol