Fundamental Problems with Vainglory

It saddens me to say this, but the Vainglory that we have all come to love has faded. With the release of 5 v 5, Vainglory is now riddled with the same problems that plague other MOBAs, on top of the existing 3 v 3 problems. Let me explain:

  1. Game size and updates. Even after so long, we still have to re-download the whole game whenever an update is released, regardless of whether it is a small update of bug fixes or a large update like the release of 5 v 5. If other games can do it, why can’t SEMC?
  2. Game UI and features. This has been bugging me for a long time. From when I started playing TWO years ago, the UI and features in the game have hardly changed. All SEMC did from time to time was to refresh the layout, but no new features were added. We have been asking for the option to pre-select and even customize our builds for a long time now. Where is it?
  3. The app’s Internet connection breaks surprisingly easy. You’d think that for a 1 GB game, this wouldn’t happen, but it does. For example, while waiting to load into a match or while waiting to re-spawn, I open WhatsApp to read some messages. When I go back to the app, I’ve disconnected. Why is this happening? It’s so bad that merely pressing the home button on my phone disconnects me. It’s like the app must be running in the foreground to work. The moment it’s no longer the active app, the Internet connection is severed.
  4. Unbalanced heroes. I don’t understand how SEMC balances heroes anymore. It’s like they’re trying to balance heroes for 5 v 5, but also want to compromise for 3 v 3. I’m pretty sure SEMC is aware that some heroes are better in 5 v 5 while others are better in 3 v 3. Why don’t SEMC pick one game mode to focus on? Since they are clearly better at 3 v 3, why did they release 5 v 5 and create so many problems?

That’s all that I can think of at the moment. Let me know your thoughts on this matter guys.

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How does any of this have to do with “Vainglory losing to other MOBAs”?

I won’t touch on 1-3, as to me they aren’t huge issues.

However, have you played the “competition”? Vainglory trumps them across the board for hero balance. Yes, some heroes are pretty strong at times, but at least the full roster at any given time has their uses. From my experience with the others it is basically the same 10 heroes every game because they are busted AF, and every other hero isnt worth playing because you get destroyed.


Vainglory is very well balanced for 5v5 and surprisingly even 3v3 though there will always be those heroes that are currently insane like Rona currently is. SEMC just tries not heavily nerfing heroes which we can probably understand. I do agree that disconnecting when u close the app is very very annoying and I hope that gets fixed in the future, and customizing builds is a feature I REALLY want.


Back button once only is a big problem for me honestly

Dunno why but i find 3.2 update (if i were to score it )9/10
Balance is not that too much
Small QoL changes
Theyre fixing small stuff one step at a time give them a couple of updates
Plus doesn’t matter if other games has more downloads what matters is the quality stays and players grow substancially that’s already fine because everyone has different taste (and most of the mobile moba players are cringey kids)so yea. Thats my opinion


Good question. As a matter of fact, I do play the “competition”, and I must say they’re doing a way better job of balancing heroes. The one I’m currently playing has close to 80 heroes, so some imbalance is to be expected. Vainglory, on the other hand, has less than 40 heroes (half of that), and still SEMC cannot get balancing done right.

Also everyone still has the mindset that mobile games are not serious competitors, which is understandable

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It is very difficult to have a perfectly balanced game, even with 40 heroes. The game is well balanced anyways


Yea i agree. most of the mobile moba besides VG is more of a time killer and casual.

AoV is alright too. The jungle just feels barren and joystick controls are meh

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Joystick on Moba games are unbearable

I think you’re confusing 2 problems into one. Yes, Vainglory is losing to other MOBA’s.

But not for those reasons you gave. The problems you listed are technical issues within the game, not really a good comparison to “other moba’s”.

I think your title is a little misleading, but i do get your point. Vainglory has alot of improve on. The list of problems is very long and very timely…

Hero balancing is actually really hard to do, and for the large part, VG does it very well, if you’re going to compare it to other moba’s, VG’s hero balancing is above par.

Connection problems i agree with. update problems i agree with and even the UI problems should be easily fixed, but are not being fixed. It’s not something that can be easily compared to “other moba’s”

I think this is more a list of problems, rather than a comparison to other moba’s. Your only point that can be compared is Hero balancing, which VG is actually winning at.


VG is one of the best balanced MOBAs overall including PC, and definitely way more than other mobile MOBAs. I’ve also played AoV and ML, former because I wanted to see if the hype was justified and the latter because a friend forced me (;-;). It’s comical to me that AoV is an esport now, all their ADCs are like Catherine and they don’t have reflex block to boot so half the game you sit staring at the ridiculous chain cc. I’m not even gonna comment on ml that game gave me PTSD.


De funny thing is the moment I read"VG is very unbalanced" I started laughing hysterically.

Because if you call VG unbalanced, u don’t know ML. Kagura being OP for MONTHS pfffttt… u have no idea xD

VG is already well balanced that is not even the main reason why they are losing out.

VG does not advertise itself unlike other mobile MOBAs. The only FING reason why ML is played is because of all the Ads.

VG isnt losing because of the UI, or balance (which is far better than other games. have you SEEN the cc trains on other games?), it’s losing bc it’s unfamiliar.
look at AOV and ML, they get their hero concepts from big mobas like league and dota, which gives a sense of familiarity when playing their heroes. you could switch from ML to AOV easier than switching from either one to VG, because really, how many of our heroes are near identical to league or dota’s heroes? not to mention lots of prople get used to the joystick (someone even posted about that on the forum!) that they have way too much trouble with vg’s touch controls.
yes vg has to fix it’s bad lag problems, yes the ui needs some improvements, and i do get ANGERY at the big download everytime (rip my mobile data) but those are minor setbacks compared to the familiarity others get from ml and aov.


I think you’re right. I guess the point of the discussion got a bit sidetracked when I started writing it. My apologies for that.

On the topic however, I used to think that Vainglory was well balanced, but ever since a few patched back, I’ve been hard pressed to say the same. Just look at how the meta is made up of the same few heroes for the last few patches. SEMC’s ‘balancing’ only makes meta heroes more meta and less meta heroes even less meta.

For example, Lance has been getting BIG buffs I don’t know why. Lyra should really have some of her kit removed, just like Blackfeather (who’s a joke now compared to his previous versions). It’s like SEMC is trying to make high skill cap heroes even more difficult to play and low skill cap heroes even easier to play. Grumpjaw, for example.

By the way, it’s good to see you here man :slight_smile:

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Logic please? A fragile princess with virtually no armor has 2k1 HP but a super muscular guy with body armor only has 2k HP? WTF?

Because his win rate is the lowest at around 48%>


Agreed on the CC trains on other games and on the joystick controls. However, the many problems that Vainglory has does level the playing field a lot. Never mind the superior graphics and game engine, if the app’s system is bad, people are gonna get fed up every time they turn the app on.

Again, my apologies for the misleading title, but I think you get the point of the post.

The balance in VG is crappy since VG, we have OP and UP heroes but in other games, they only have OP heroes. All heroes are powerful AF. Can you believe that a super OP ult has a CD of just 12s?