Full Crit Builds VS Defense

Things to Notice -

  • it was a 29 minute match, so very late game. My WP Taka still dominated despite everyone focusing me down.
  • I built BoneSaw late game to replace my tension bow and Atlas to counter Krul

Just wanted to say Defense is not useless and also Wp Taka does NOT fall off late game… :thumbs3:

Also, how did I only manage 38k damage and get 16 kills? Weird

Your enemy is braindead to build like that. Go both MJ and Atlas.


Keep in mind this is the tier where people probably think WP Bap is not a thing and are very narrow on build paths in general

You say defense works. Enemy had MJ and it didn’t help.

Your damage was low because you had no damage output items. You only had 100 wp from SM and what little BS gave…

I still think tb SB BP would have been better it offers more base damage and scaling damage too.

Tornado trigger is good if you have some damage which you didn’t have :disappointed_relieved:

Enemy relied heavily on healing so PS would have been a good option too. SB PS BP but Sam had SF.

The fact that you had a captain and they did not matters a lot too.

Your team had utility they had 3 solo players wanting to carry. The enemies stuns are useless vs your Phinn.

taka has PS built into his kit…???

who builds PS on Taka? Enemy built MJ late game. At the very same time i built BoneSaw :wink:

Yeh, the Captain was good. Samuel was good. still doesn’t change I survived an onslaught of Crit . . .

Defense works.

What skill tier? Jesus it’s horrible the entire game, just horrible… better of keeping the tension bow, as your not going to 1v1 Krul and build stacks,you’ve built no cooldown (you got health in build from your A), surely SS was the logical option? He’ll just build an after shock since they’ve built no defence vs CP.

No great surprise that Sam is the main DMG output given he actually built half decent.

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I find WP Taka to be more about Auto Attacks, than abilities, so CD really isn’t needed. Ideally, I would get SorrowBlade, Tyrant’s monacle and Tornado Trigger.

But I can never save enough gold… I’m too eager to get kills with the cheaper Tension bow. SpellSword is also good. Sometimes I don’t even need a lifesteal item.

I rely so heavily on Auto Attacks i really don’t care what i build. but defense is a must. also JB is a must. skill triumphs over items.

Your skill won that match for you not the defense. Krul with 5 offense items has crappy damage which alone indicates his skill or lack of it. A single bonesaw would have amplified entire enemy teams damage output



30 chars

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Tb SSw BP TT Aegis JB

Scalability attack speed and crit.

I prefer WP burst, run, engage again. BP is not good on taka, TT is ok.

TT to clear the minions quicker… Taka has a really slow clear speed. also the crit :grinning:

He had BS now… He only wants 3 offensive items. I have seen plenty decent takas with BP several VG bronze too.

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Im going to try TT, BP, TM. SB… Could work really well

Don’t build TT first. Go for dmg item.

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Tb into BP then Crit later sell tb for TM if you want to upgrade.

Tb BP/Ssw Ssw/BP TT/TM

Tb perk triggers BP stacks which helps scaling from your first hit onward.

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@Xaldarian That is how I most often build WP

minus TT, rarely a fan. Can’t remember last time I built it (aside from a couple times on WP Vox)

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TT as a final item makes your hits faster and helps you crit which makes BP stacking that much scarier.

BP without high attack speed is not that interesting.
BP+TT with decent WP makes engaging you while you kite suicide. Because you stack up to max stats in no time.

I think perfect stutter stepping while kiting makes TT nearly negligible. I would rather have another TM. However, on heroes where I don’t have a perfect stutter step (like Ringo. Play Vox too often to time his right) I think about TT

Gwen Glaive and Taka come to mind when considering this. I don’t play wp vox and I abstain from playing Ringo altogether. My least favorite hero in the game.