From Reddit: Is Vainglory a dead game, read the top comment


I personally split “progression systems” into two categories: grind and progression.

Grind would be where you just do something over and over to get to a certain position in a certain amount of time.
Progression is where you just do something casually and eventually get to a certain position just to get into another position sometime soon with no time constraints.

BattlePass needs grind, account levels need progression.

There’s a reason why account levels are in our friend lists, it’s to show how much progress a player has made. If there are three people in t10 with different account levels being 20, 32, and 40 I would identify them as:
20 must be a smuf
32 must be someone relatively new who has been carried very frequently
40 must be a long time player that can vary in skill level.

BP level can reflect none of this.

If they make account levels purchasable, they truly are having some problems. The day they make ranks purchasable, they basically just ruined any competitiveness in this game.


buying rank will never implemented unless semc intend to suicide
even a 12yo kid knows that buying rank will kill the game fast.


Like I said I really doubt it but I also wouldn’t put it pass them to think of such an idea for the game anymore


Can yall stop crying about game dying jesus it’s every freaking week with the same old thing