From Reddit: Is Vainglory a dead game, read the top comment

Just saw this on Reddit, the top comment is so much right. Especially this part:

They did a great job of making the players feel like they had a voice. It felt like we were one big community back when PlayOffBeard and Zekent were doing their streams. The update days used to be something I looked forward to and would text my friends about. We would often watch the live streams together and theorycraft on what we should build on the new heroes. The skins were new and exciting and had a great card system to them that made it feel like I was working towards something.

made me wanna cry lol


In all honesty this is one of the few things that bug me the most. I get it, it’s cool to watch dev steams because they don’t play sweaty ranked matches and they might leak some information. They talk to us, tell us about things that happen right away or never, and they proceed to play some private matches inviting people from chat.

But all those things, besides leaking things by accident, is possible with any VG streamer and in fact many people do that. We have people like StartingAllOver who stream ranked matches for his sweaty viewers and plays private Blitz matches with his NOVA team members as well as people from his friendlist (which he seems to be open about). Then we have sweaty streamers like ppJ and Xeno, with Xeno being the most high quality as he shifts his recording from gameplay to facecam to talk to his viewers.

The sad part is that there is so much potential going to waste all because people are just too reminiscent of the past or are burnt out because this game is a MOBA.

yeah maybe the live steams did not give any good tips but it was a good memory, in the early days of Vainglory. And he was right, I would be so excited and texted my friends about new leaks or updates and stuff. My friends and I even had hot pot night and play vainglory together lol

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Its not dead yet but its definitely in the dying phase


I… do have to agree with that comment, sadly. When I first started playing it, during summer and in general vacations, I would spent 5-6 hours daily, which is a lot. This last year… bots have been my most played mode. Entire weeks without even opening the app. And it’s becoming harder and harder for me to do it. Every new skin it’s for me like “ok, I don’t care”. Each new hero used to excite me wanting to know the kit and play them, right now it’s… “meh, more cc”. Each time o go into ranked at this point I just count how many times in a row I see the same draft, in the exact same order, it’s too tiring to rank at this point, every time I tried to grind a little bit I got bored of the same matches time and time again, it doesn’t feel like you are playing a game, it feels like you are repeating the exact match always.
And events aren’t different either: win X matches in a row to get Y. And now the in game rewards: R A R E. Talents and more talents. It’s been a point where most times I don’t even care about opening the quests chests.
And now balancing. This discourages me the most: all patches have something in common, they are letting some heroes die. They buff and nerf heroes, but in all patches the same heroes are left apart while dying, and that scares me. When they nerf a hero I don’t really care because if it’s weak they will eventually buff him, but when they leave a hero and let it die, no change will come. This, is what right now I hate the most.

Ugh. Reading that thread made me throw up in my mouth. I really, REALLY detest everything about Reddit.

The points in the original post are quite valid. The comments are mainly the usual Reddit garbage.


I’m not even going to bother opening that Reddit thread, honestly.

my two cents: Maybe Vainglory isn’t dead but Vainglory has reached a point for me personally where, when I think of games to play, I never think of Vainglory anymore. Logging onto Vainglory no longer excites me. My desire to play has faded into nothing. I will always support SEMC and VG to whatever length my arm can reach but at this point I’m not going to get out of my seat for them.

I hope this changes soon.


Nailed it.


I gave it a shot and read the reddit thread and I must say that they are living in a completely different world :joy: I can’t even tell if it’s optimism or white knight stupidity, it’s THAT much of an echo chamber

The thing that bothers me the most is how people are giving out definite answers like they actually know that it is or not dying.

“No, VG isnt dying”

Boy please. How do you know that? What information are you pulling that out of? SEMC barely releases any type of info so the only answer you can give is an a opinion/guess.

But the white knight imo are making it sound like its perfectly normal and that there isn’t anything wrong besides the physical info that we have from the app itself. (Example would be player base, 90% of my friends list and their guilds are dead or longer q times for every mode)

So most of the answers shouldn’t be “Its not dying” or “It is dying” but to "We dont know, they dont say or tell or even share any info/anything "


lol, reddit fanboys are the worst, everytime phrase dead game comes out I’ve been downvoted to oblivion

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Vainglory is purging.


I saw this and im just like is it really?
“The game is going the right direction development wise moving into 2019”

I mean I can’t really point out anything wrong unless I’m still holding onto complaints about blueprints (never was really against it), talents (kinda like them tbqh), and hats (got the pirate hat today v happy!) By no means I’m a casual player in this game either so I really haven’t seen anything bad.

The black friday deals were kind of doodoo but the packages during this week/on Black Friday are actually so good that I’m surprised SEMC didn’t put an “10x value” or give any recognition to them. 5 USD for Battle Pass and a bunch of RNG chests is pretty good imo considering Battle Pass gives even more chests, talents, hats, and ping pack. And ICE.

Balancing has been quite good as well considering they basically revamped the WP tree.

They play their cards right from here on forward, actually use the extended two weeks for actual bug squashing and this game will do alright.

use the extended two weeks for actual bug squashing

Sorry to say, but unless it’s a critical bug, new features make more money than fixing old ones.

Buying sunlight levels was such an odd thing to me, what’s next buying account levels? Buy my way through progression, even what seemed like a joke post of buying rank posted somewhere seems like that could eventually be a thing.

Talents are things people love or hate, it’s an advantage that people can just pay for and that bothers me and killed the joy of vg for me. What makes me hate this even more, logging in to open my daily chests to get a bunch of talents I don’t want.

Hats is alright customisation but they did what they did with skins in the crafting system which they eventually got revamped, I could definitely see the hats system getting revamped too because of that. It doesn’t seem like that crafting was thought out well and they just tossed it out fast.

Skin recolours and I’m not talking ses from les but cyber krul, new year/cat skaarf and lifeguard Cath, it seems to just too much. I can imagine this will continue to be done maybe even more.

Rng in so many things and it only grows.

I see vg continuing to be/will be a mobile moba infested with rng, buy your way up stuff/advantages in game, with modes that take too long to match up for something on mobile, and countless collectibles/cosmetics that are just too much clutter and heroes that are just there, they just exist with no story that people can read and get into if they were interested in them. It’ll continue to be but only get worse

While Vainglory isn’t quite dead yet, it’s definitely on its way. To me, it seems like Vainglory started its decline back at mid 2017.

Honestly, what I think did it for Vainglory was that SEMC just stopped caring about what made Vainglory, Vainglory, The MOBA Perfected for Touch.

What I mean by saying that, is that they lost their flair. They’ve used to be known for their precise controls, in-dept and challenging gameplay. Well they threw that out of the window with the introduction of joystick controls, despite throwing jabs at other games for it. I know it’s for the better, but still, dividing the gameplay into two different mechanics definitely isn’t healthy.

Then they also started to ignore their community as well. You guys still remember the whole Night Shadow Taka LE skin debacle? That for me was the peak of SEMC’s communication. Also that one time I got given a skin when someone plagiarized my stuff for an art contest (story for another time). I’m just rambling at this but so back to the point. Ever since 2017 I think they just started to ignore the community almost entirely. I know there was the meme with the Reddit favoritism but they are getting shafted as well (Correct me if I’m wrong) for Twitter. And then there was the whole removal of the forum drama, which me and a lot of veterans are still unhappy till this day.

Then there’s e-sport. I don’t know what people think about this but my personal opinion is that e-sport was what made Vainglory so popular in the first place. A competitive mobile game was almost unheard of and considered a joke until Vainglory, and all the exposure it got helped boosted the popularity to new heights. I used to watch that shit with my mates all the time. But idk wtf happened but suddenly it stopped existing? I knew teams like TSM and C9 pulled out but what actually happened? They used to be able to get top spot on Twitch and now the VPL has only a couple thousand views.

I’m not gonna comment on balance since idk what’s going on with that and their monetization methods are not worth my time any more. I’m just gonna stop here since I’ve basically given up on the game at this point and honestly this is more of a rant than anything. Sorry if this was long and unorganized since I just wrote it out of a whim. So if I didn’t get my point across here’s a tldr.

TLDR: While trying to follow in the footsteps of other successful games, SEMC lost their identity on the path to greatness.
Bluntly put, they knew they could, but they didn’t stop to think if they should.


Well, I think I have a few things I want to say. Most of it will be in response to the top comment and additional stuff I have in mind.

I’ve been playing for 3-4 years and it feels like it is dying to me. I have 400+ people on my friends’ list. I probably see 10% of them ever online and only have a handful of people I actually want to party with. It used to take less than a minute to get into a match of Battle Royale. Now it takes at least 3 to 5 mins - even more with multiple re-queues from people not accepting the match or dodging.

I played roughly the same amount of time. More precisely, I downloaded Vainglory when it came to Android on Jun 29, 2015; just a few days after my birthday. So, it’s been 3 years and 5 months.

Do note that my original account with my forum username has been abandoned a few years back in favor of a new account that I now use exclusively.

In contrast to the commenter, my friends’ list has and will always be sparse. I purge them from time to time and rarely ever accept friend requests. The ones I do accept are Guild Members, players I’ve known and good players from good matches I’ve played.

I’m not one for partying. I fly solo 99% of the time and can’t be bothered to plays with a party because of the dreaded expectations that my party members may have and the stress of having to converse and plan on a mobile keyboard while waiting for a match to start.

I’ve also found it odd that the commenter’s queue time for Battle Royale to be odd. I barely take one minute to queue up normally, and it doesn’t take even 3 minutes to get another queue running if someone dodges.

To me, this means that the queues I play are decently populated for my server and, though generally of varied skill prowess, matches don’t feel too off (minus ones where RNG and Talents screw me over, lol.).

Each update has made me enjoy the game less and less. The drastic balance changes constantly make me feel like I don’t know what to do. I have no idea what heroes are good, what abilities I should max, or what items I should buy. I have such little faith in this game that I have no interest in learning the new meta because they change too much too often.

I’m generally indifferent to updates. I’m neither excited nor perturbed by what SECM does.
I will react to something if I find it too egregious to not notice.

Drastic balance changes overall will always leave people in a state of learning and confusion. I would just suggest ‘try’ to adapt, but if one can’t, that’s ok.

I used to love SEMC. They did a great job of making the players feel like they had a voice. It felt like we were one big community back when PlayOffBeard and Zekent were doing their streams. The update days used to be something I looked forward to and would text my friends about. We would often watch the live streams together and theorycraft on what we should build on the new heroes. The skins were new and exciting and had a great card system to them that made it feel like I was working towards something. Now I dread every update because it makes me feel even more lost and confused. It took me months to get back into the game after they made all the changes to the gold and minion miners. Those original jungle changes are what swore me off of standard 3v3 games and made me stick to brawl modes because I didn’t want to relearn the jungle rotation.

I’m not one to express love freely. Especially not to things I don’t know and have never come into contact directly. Loving things from afar is ok and can happen, but it requires both parties to communicate often and understand one another overtime.

To me, those dev streams that SEMC does/did/do are ok, but gives a false sense of communication in my opinion. It gave the impression that they were communicating, but to be fair, they are only really talking to players that tune into the dev streams and only answer questions that could catch in the fast-paced and spammy toxic chat the Twitch chat tends to be.

I have an ok bunch of cosmetics in my account, but I have not real attachment to most of them other than the ones I can use on the heroes I main and like as well as the ones that can be used across the board such as hats and Social Pings.

To me, the Blueprint system is ok because it altered skins in terms of ‘quality.’ I never liked the Tiered skin idea. It was a good grind, yes, but the quality of the skins in a set was overall meh to me. It became worst and worst as time went by in my opinion. Just look at Supersonic Skye.

By getting rid of the crafting system, they’re freed from having to introduce ‘a set of skins for one hero’ per patch, to ‘any skin of any rarity for any number of heroes’ per patch.

But, I cannot fault players for liking the old system. The artwork of the cards was nice and it was kind of a collect-o-ton style which people subconsciously like. The number of cards required was high enough that duplicates were rare compared to how Materials and Blueprints are now.

All I can say is, think about it and move on. Complaining and harping for the return of card system is unlikely to happen simply because the amount of assets that have to be made for the good amount of skins already in the game is absurd and SugarVenom’s lore can no longer be applied through the cards as well.

I stopped caring about the skins because of the terrible blueprint system. I have 200k+ essence but no use for it. The chance of finding one of the blueprints I don’t own is so minuscule it’s maddening. I hate how the majority of events and sales are based on blueprints. At least when I got duplicate skins in the past it would convert them to opal. While opal didn’t have a use for a long time, they eventually made it useful with the 5v5 invite chest and now they can be used for hats. Now I get duplicate blueprint drop after duplicate blueprint drop and they get converted to more useless essence that I will never have a use for.

To be honest, I hate Opals. Not because they are rare or limited to being used for certain things, no.

I hate how they came into existence and the circumstances that pervaded their coming.

As people probably remembered and know, there are skins we cannot get any more - the original LE’s that were made a few years back, starting with Gift-Wrapped Fortress (Shiba Inu LE).

I’m not going to elaborate and recount the drama that ensued, but all I want to say is: Who thought it was a good idea to make LE skins?

I get if it’s for a very special event (such as Worlds or anniversary and to a certain extent, seasonal ranking rewards), but other than that, those assets are wasted.

The deals are so much worse than they ever were and get worse with each passing month. They are quite frankly insulting compared to what we used to have. Take black friday and cyber monday for example. Apart from the standard three weekly deals in the market tab being slightly better than they have been of late (but still much worse than years back), there was not a single deal in the featured tab that even showed up for me. All of them were for skins I already owned and from what i heard, the deals for those skins were horrible. Some like the mall santa reim cost more than they typically do. Let’s compare that to last years black friday where there were constantly new and exciting deals that were worth anywhere from 3 times to 7+ times the value in ice.

Of course deals will be worse the more items you have. It’s just the way the world works.

Prices changes with the years, so I’m not surprised that the deals may feel less worth it than the deals that were give in the past.

People have to make ends me with the struggling economy nowadays anyway.

It honestly feels like there isn’t a person in charge at SEMC who thinks “Will this make the player happy?” before putting things in the game. I no longer feel like a member of a community playing this game. I feel like we are treated as “users” conditioned to buy microtransations now instead of “players”.

If they don’t care for player’s ‘hapiness’, we wouldn’t have had Opals coming into existence in the place.

Being part of a community to me means having an open mind and engaging with all aspects of it, be it toxic, good, bad or downright weird.

If the commenter feels like a user conditioned to buy microtransactions… well, that user fell for the business tricks.

SEMC’s monetization is sketchy, yes; but there are way worse things out there.

Break in Section, Not A Quote

Now, things I have in mind that were not stated.

  • Vainglory Dying.

I don’t think a game would ever die if the community is there to support it even if the server are closed. I know a few game communities that still thrive even when their game is long gone from public access and use. Some even took the reigns into their own hands and make the game their own work, with support from the community in general.

Vainglory I think is on a decline with its interaction with the community in general, slowly trying to distance themselves from the community that is slowly but surely turning against them.

Queue and player base wise, I can’t say they are on a decline. My matches regardless of quality have been fine throughout this year.

The one thing I can definitively say is dying is the retention of expansive lore and world building. SugarVenom has her job reduced to mainly just the voice manager, and she still slips in bits of lore like stuff into the voice lines. I would be lying if I say I don’t want the lore back, but I think it is the best that it is on hiatus until someone can revamp the lore.
SugarVenom to me doesn’t seem healthy, given her condition; and I was worried for her at one point a month or two ago when I see almost daily postings of her drinking alcoholic drinks on her Twitter. That has been reduced somewhat at least.

E-sport of Vainglory in my opinion is the one that truly ‘died.’ It’s on hiatus for now and awaiting proper resucitation to ensure that they get it right this time and not waste money as well as screw relationships with e-sports people.

  • Vainglory’s Face for the Community and the Game.

I think Vainglory lacks a person that they can associate with.
Nivmett I think was the closest I think that can be considered as the face of SEMC for the community. He did well during his time with the company I think, placating the community somewhat decently and overall appearing like the nice guy.
PlayOffBeard, while nice, I think was off-putting. I consider him to be lacking in likeability and not someone who seem approachable. This is the impression I have from watching streams, so don’t take it as one you would experience in real life. I’m sure he’s a nice guy too in real life.
Now, we don’t have any and I think it is best SEMC not to push someone into the spot that Nivmett has vacated.
Zekent isn’t the best and ShinKaigan is needed elsewhere. Plus, they are kind of hard to listen to because their English isn’t as succint on stream in my opinion.

The next bit is a ‘face for game’ which I’m sure some of you have been wandering what I’m talking about.

Well, you know Vainglory’s app icon is the ‘Storm Queen’, no? Now, ask that to a random new player who doesn’t read the lore or has seen the Storm Queen when she was the one on display.
I think SEMC needs to design a waifu or male waifu (I don’t know the equivalent term, sorry) hero to be the face of Vainglory’s app.
That hero has to be likeable and has a design that’s likeable and not overcomplex or simple.
Only then would VG’s app icon truly be fitting for what’s found in game.
Have your ever saw VG’s icon and wonder “Wow, this looks cool. I want to play her in-game!”, only to be dissapointed soon after?

  • Community Created Stories (Short and Long), Explicit, Humorous and Animated Content.

I know there are a lot of beutiful and amazing ‘artworks’ for VG made by its community. I’m fine with that.

But I feel that in order for VG to be ingrained, there must be some more of the other stuff mixed in there.

I’ve seen a few, but they are all relegated to forums and not on sites such as FanFiction and Archive of Our Own sites as well as YouTube and other NSFW sites.

Being too pure isn’t really good in the long run in my opinion. You gotta have the toxicity flourish in making funny and explicit stuff that can grab the attention of some of our more mature players.

I would stop here because I’m sure you know what I’m talking about already.

  • Heroes.

I think they should make heroes that are generically used in other MOBAs too. Sure, we kind of have some, but I simply think it is best if we have more so that it can attract more players that like that kind of generic design.

My own desire is for an awesome werewolf hero. Maybe a jungler or assassin since heroes in these classes are not really to my liking currently.

End Text Wall of Opinions.

Hope you all enjoyed that!


But sunlight level purchasing is optional. It’s just there. I got up to 100 without the Battle Pass and I saw the deal so I told myself “well why not?”

They should really just add a chroma tab for each skin for QoL reasons. I agree about how there are too much, but don’t really have a problem with chromas because it’s something that other MOBAs both PC and mobile do a lot of. We just need the tab and it’s gonna feel better to look at.

The buying levels is optional but with that being added, buying account levels could be added eventually. Buy the first 10 and a new kid could be straight in rank. It’s just not a good thing to buy progression to me and shows me that more things could be purchasable eventually just cuz like I doubt this would be a thing but I still hold it as a possibility for them: buying ranks.