From lore, to the game- impressive and underwealming hero kits

Comparing the character from the lore, to how they appear in the game. Has their kit/abilities reflect their image/power that they are known for in the lore? Let’s rank some of the best and worst.
DISCLAIMER: I’ll also look at the kit on their own to see what vibe they are giving me. And I will not include heroes who doesn’t have lore.
It’s just my opinion, and I’m very harsh and picky at these things so please don’t attack me (ppl on the forum loves to do that tho, it’s fun).

Top 3 WORST:

  1. Grumpjaw- a true monster hero, who could’ve had abilities to evolve (like Ka’zik from League for ex). Too bad his kit seems…uninspired and self explanatory. The design altogether could’ve gone a different route.
  2. Reim- his kit was also very simple, it didn’t reflect him as one of the most powerful mage very well.
  3. Kinetic- her kit/design in game doesn’t reflect her as a smart/strategic/powerful commander…at all. (She seems like a standard frontline fighter more than anything.)
    you can give her staff to a nameless face and nothing would change. It’s sad if your whole identity is based on a staff.

Honorable mention: Lorelei (her kit is too simple for her character, an ancient sea creature), Gwen (kit kind of~ cliche and predictable), Churnwalker (I still hate him, design, abilities, just doesn’t speak to me nor does it make sense).

Top 3 BEST:
(It’s no suprice that most heroes chosen in this catagory are older heroes-back in the day when VG hero pool wasn’t saturated and each hero have for more polish (lore wise))

  1. Vox- One of the best design in the game In my opinion. A mixed child between technology and the arcane, his kit tells me that he’s fast, energetic, funky, creative and unique. It’s sad how his kits visual and power were changed a while back. You can put Vox on the cover of VG, ppl will buy it.
  2. Alpha- she’s a relentless killing machine with a core of a tortured Daisy, her Perk, A and B reflect just that. Her design really speaks to me. It’s everything I’ve imagine while reading the lore (and more!)
  3. Adagio- a powerful legendary god, both in lore and in game. He can heal, boost damage, his versatility, his AoD ult. Everything in his kits reflect his as a powerful ancient being.

Honorable mention: Ringo (his kit is fine, but looking at him, you know there have got to be an interesting story there), Koska (most of her kit tells me that she’s fun, quirky, and that she kills for fun), Celeste (her kit did not disappoint, she’s of the majestic, power and of the star, what more can you ask?)

What’s your top pic? And why?

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Totally agree with your top 3, although my order would have been #1 Alpha, #2 Adagio, #3 Vox personally. Vox just seems like mobility and basic attacks compared to the others (even though I know he’s much more complicated than that)

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Not gonna rank em since I haven’t read all lore but some good and some bad I’ll say.

I do disagree with you on churnwalker, to me he is quite a well done character. His lore translates to his abilities really well. The lore even describing how he used the chains to fights then works like so on the field.
Krul another for me that their way of fighting fits the lore given. It’s been awhile since I read it but, a relentless cursed man fighting those that cross him for his revenge I think it was, his abilities reflect that.

I can’t really think of any bad just cuz most of the lore I don’t remember well since I last read them. I guess glaive is down there, his lore tells his strong and he can close gaps as they told, but his kit feels lacklustre still to what power he supposedly has and how it makes him so intimidating. I like his kit but in relation to lore it seems a bit odd