Free stuff


There’s a free Rare key in the market right now, in EU at least. get it now.


Awesome! 800 useless glory here I go!


It’s in NA also. I got Ceberus Fortress :slight_smile:


@pilebuster dont miss out on this


Hell yes I actually got this one.

1st open: 7 opals, 7 essence, rare key
2nd open:899 glory, 8 opals


I got just a rare key and nothing else from my first pull got Cath Epic from the 2nd with some other stuff lol


i’m gonna wait for the update to open mine, i wanna test RNGesus to see if i get kensei


Same here. I have 6 rare and 7 epic keys but I will not use them till next update.


This text will be blurredYea I got it


I saved last season’s lv50 key for the update, got Tony immediately. It works.


Got… 200 glory 5 opals and double glory boost…


Freakin same


oof when I saw that orange glow on the bottom left, I was like “YOOOO FREE LEGENDARY SKIN” but then I got hit with reality


SMEC please RNG Legendary Skin 499 ICE 40% chance to pull EZ BAIT PRO$F$T


Go it got like 10 opals 200 esscense 109glory and kestrel


I missed this event by like, an hour, apparently.


i got it in the last 5 min, at the very least i got 25 opals. damn, the se skins are the only skins i can plan for atm…


Strange, I still can’t see it. I wonder what’s causing it.


Ffs I’ve missed every single one of these


It’s only a 4 hour event