Free Opelz!

For the next ~2 hours, there are 40 free opals in the market section [at least on the EU server].

Grab 'em while you can!


Urghh a race against time to claim mine…

Oof don’t see it in NA

Perhaps you get the same kind of present, just later during the day? You know, so it lines up with time-zones and all. I’d keep my eyes open about 6 hours from now.

From what we’ve seen so far, aren’t they usually for the same 4 hours, regardless of what time it is in the respective timezones? Is this one different at all?

I see nothing yet, play on NA.

Not showing…

I really wouldn’t know - especially as I missed most of these myself. It was just a guess, as this one fell into EU evening prime-time.

P.S.: And I just double-checked… 'not making this up, I really have those opals.
Maybe it’s just visible for accounts that did not get the last free 40 opals, a while back?

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Mine too did i miss it :((

SEA has nothing ok rip my skin

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I am in EU within those two hours yet nothing showed

SEA here. just got the notification to login and get it. . . but nothing in the market.

Same did we missed it or what the nani is happenning i want my free opelz

It’s up for me now

I opened a chest four hours ago and was able to just open this one. 80 opals total. Bug??


Literally unplayable!!!

I just got a second helping, too - but hush!

Oh, and thanks for making me check back. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Still nothing on my end - did I miss it again?

Yeah you did dream I caught it barely in time

Lol I caught it by accident when I checked during lunch with 47 minutes left.

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