Free chest is very generous?

I opened my two free chests, and the first one was the usual 3 rate talents and handful of glory, but then I see this in the next one?

I didn’t see any kind of event or something, unless I won one of the giveaways on discord? But I got no notification so it seems strange.

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That’s … amazing.

(It’s not from the Discord giveaways – the prizes there don’t include glory.)

I was worried I wouldn’t have enough Glory come Anka release… Now that won’t be a problem. :grinning: I checked everything I could think of, but it doesn’t seem like some sort of reward or compensation. It might be a bug but I kind of don’t want to report it? Should I?

Everyone open your chests now I guess.

I’ve opened 3 free chests this AM and got nothing like that.

I don’t see why you’d need to report it to SEMC – unless we see more reports of huge glory windfalls in the free chests, I’d just say you were very lucky this morning!


Sometimes you can get one of those massive drops, but the chances are very low.

Meanwhile I had 8 and 16 glory just now hahahaha

I get 2 glory per free chest but I won 250 ICE from the giveaway so I feel good now.


I wondered if that was you! :thumbs3::vgcheersx3:

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I thought I saw your name, congrats! I also saw a ‘saint’, wondering if it’s the same dude that’s here as well.

Thanks!!! :ozo: :ozo: :ozo:

I forgot when was the las time I got more than 3 cards on free daily chest