Free camera

Does anyone actually use it? I’ve been trying it a bit, but I don’t really find it that helpful, I’m pretty good at just holding down and moving my finger around on the minimap when I need to. Also none of the streamers I watch seem to use it, so I’m wondering; is there anyone who does?

  • Yup I use it
  • Nope don’t like it
  • haven’t tried it

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Indon’t really like it neither feel it is that useful. I prefer to always be paying attention to where I am and for any possible enemy that might come close before it is too late.


It handicaps you as you need to constantly move the screen. Have it’s rare uses, but for on all the time - there is a reason why noone use it.

When I’m on phone I use it when I snipe with kestrel/Celeste because of the annoying bug where if you tap the minimap the game thinks you’re pressing the location under it which leads to some embarrassing fails.


I’m abit on the fence here. I have used it and I have to admit it is kinda useful, especially in BR and messy team fights.

But largely I do fine without it. just tried it out of curiosity, and found the unexpected side-effect that it helped target things better when you need to constantly stutter step and kite back n forth.

Not that i had trouble targeting before, its… different… hard to explain, just try it

The negative: you lose vision. alot of vision, which is why its best to use when you know where everybody is.

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I have only used it when using baron ult to get a better target

It wouldn’t let me vote despite the options still being clickable. :man_shrugging:

I use it, albeit sparingly.

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I will just set this hereFelineExcellentCony-max-1mb

I like to use it on bot/top lane when there’s not a lot going on. I can keep a better eye on the edge of the jungle that way. During fights though I have it locked onto me. It’s so much trying to drag that and tap everything at once.

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