Free Ardan Skin for Ranking

This is what SEMC should have been doing from day 1 of skins. Play rank and get a free seasonal skin. The bar to obtain the skin is low enough that most players will have no problem reaching that. My hope would be that the skin is then sold for opals to generate revenue from future players.


My question is whether its gonna be a LE skin thats only obtainable during this event or if itll be a skin you get like any other

Doubt that it would be LE. Based on LEs so far, it can either only cause trouble or suck (cough golden recolour Lance cough).


I guarantee that they will not say until after the season, at which point they’ll announce that “due to popular demand” the skin will now be available via special chests that give you a 1:50 chance of getting it.


Then it’ll just be available for regular purchase -.-

I don’t begrudge them for wanting to make money. I hope they sell it for opals like other SE skins. The LE system was a disaster so going back to something like that would be dumb. The opal system is “acceptable” in that it doesn’t lock away content from future players and limit sources of revenue.


Having to pay directly for limited skins is not too bad. Later on after the skin leaves the market u essentially have a special skin not many people have R.I.P me for not having money for LE Fort or LE Tako


I disagree. The way they HANDLED it was a disaster, yes, but the idea of limited-time collectibles is actually a tried-and-true way of generating MORE income, not less.

The problems with SEMC’s LE system were:

  • they did not continue to produce LE skins on a regular basis
  • they decided that LE skins weren’t really going to be “limited” as they had promised
  • after being (quite appropriately) bashed for #2, they took the easy way out (anybody shocked?) and instead of making NEW LE skins, they issued a bunch of recolored old ones
  • they wondered why no one was any happier with the new system

better be a good skin for daddy (pls not jus an ugly rare)
also, is it 3v3 or 5v5 rank?

When people aren’t playing your game.

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It’s for 3v3 rank of 5v5 ranked and if you’re already at credible threat or higher you are guaranteed to get it. I haven’t played ranked 3v3 in a while and I’m at t7 so I’m already getting the skin lol. @ANGERY

Free skin hype!!

Reply: Disagree. It was by design a bad idea. SEMC spent time creating skins they could only sell once which is a poor use of time. As new players arrived, they would have ever larger parts of the community locked out of content they spent hours developing. LE also utilized pressure sales tactics which really turned off some people. The original idea was dumb. The fix was also dumb. SEMC should have just decided LE was flawed and not reskined/rereleased them. Move to SE, skip Opals, and keep the community happy.


Well, we’ll have to agree to disagree. The idea behind anything that’s “Limited Edition” is to increase the urgency to buy it, because it won’t be available forever. (See: collectibles of, well, anything.) If you make the item desirable enough, it will sell.

Why didn’t it work with SEMC’s LE skins?

I think there were a bunch of reasons:

  • VG’s audience was used to getting most of the game for free at that time – you could get literally every skin in the game without paying a cent, until BW Celeste and PS Petal came out. Players weren’t conditioned to paying money for skins at that time.
  • VG’s audience was too small: developing a skin involving model and animation changes requires time and effort from both the art department and the animation folks, which costs money; to make that diversion of effort and money worthwhile, SEMC would have to see a large ROI over a short period of time (the time the skins were available, which for the LE skins was VERY short). With only a fraction of the community willing to pay for these skins and with the community being small relative to a game like League, those economics simply didn’t work out.
  • the skins weren’t available for long enough: iirc, the period of time they were available was a single patch: about 4-5 weeks. See point #2
  • there was no advantage to having these costly skins: at the time, there was no sunlight system, so other than the skins looking pretty in game, there was no advantage to having them. (This is still a problem, imo: no one else can see your collection of skins on, say, a player page or something.)

Like I said, I don’t think the idea of LE skins is a bad one, and it’s certainly not stupid. However, whether it’s something that could be made to work with VG is a different question. I think the answer depends on factors no one (including SEMC) has a good enough handle on: the size of the player base (I’m assuming SEMC knows this, of course) and the demographics (age, income, etc.) of that group.


i dont think the idea of limited edition skins works for a moba in general. even lol gave up on their idea of le skins years before vg even launched. (handling the situation better than semc, but thats a different story).

what seems to work though are skins that are only available for a short timeframe in a year. like semc tries to do with the se skins now (you could buy the se rona skin over easter in a bundle with ice, they really dont learn), or skins that may come back once in a blue moon.

they should have realeased the le skins with a 1 or 2 year guarantee of exclusivness and put them back in market after that.

i mean, it’s ardan so i barely use him. at least i’ll have a skin for him now. i guess this is also to encourage people to roam. but i’m glad that SEMC have decided to make a reason to rank other than to improve at the game.

Got no issue with the principle, remember we’re talking low skill tier here so an influx of noobs isn’t going to undermine general game play quality at this level… it’ll also reward people for playing the game (grinding etc), for the lower skill tier players the rewards are negligible so this should help.

For me it means I get a free skin… WOHOOOO GO SEMC!

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rip. I hate rank, I have no hope of this skin. but then again… the se skins have blueprints too now don’t they? RNG better step up…

oh well. ardan is cancer now anyway. I guess I’ll just accept my death now. I hope with this skin comes a much needed tune to his epic.

I understand this point. I haven’t ranked seriously in over a year. This feels like another minimal-effort attempt by SEMC to increase interest in what they believe is their main game mode. (In reality, casual matches outnumber ranked matches by quite a lot.)

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It doesn’t help 3v3 rank isn’t all draft causing it to become a full toxic sespool working against those who want to be serious

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Anything that encourages good ranking up has the thumbs up from me. I’m hyped for this skin.

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