Free 50 Ice

rejoice for we are 50 ice richer if you get it, its within the next like 3 hrs

also should we just have a megathread for free things?

Moved to ui and overall enviorment as this isn’t 5v5 related

oof thanks


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50 free ice is just an apologize for making joystick


“sorry for getting more players to start playing vg” ok then

Yes it bring more players, And i like it. I dont like VG to die but… Atleast make joystick dont autolock skill for you and also u can aiming before the skill is off cooldown. Isnt it unfair for touch user?

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Yeah especially since that feature has been available for touch but doesn’t work

Got it… Now for 750 more…

30 Characters

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Anouncements @hazeleyes

We can get 50 ice for free countdown is 4 hours.



I wish next gift is opals, I’m so close to 500 and planning to get Snow Monster Joule

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Thanks for the tag and info i love free ice

Where is it? I don’t see the free ice deal anywhere in the market section.

Its hidden very small uptop easy to miss

Nice thanks for the heads up…

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Would have missed it, thanks.

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Like we’ve been having for a few weeks now, another random free gift is up now. This time it’s 50 ICE. It’s only up for a little less than 4 hours like the others. GOGOGO FAMS


@Xaldarian life saver! I got mine. Thank you so much for the tag

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Man y’all be on the forums a lot to actually be alerted by each other. It’s nice to see how much y’all care about the game while SMEC ignores us.


I’m sad cause these things always happen while I’m at school :frowning:
Could have gotten battle pass easily next season because I have 200 ICE rn and gonna get 1k from the LV 40 chest. Now I need 50 more ICE. yeah i totally didn’t spend the ICE I got from the battle pass on school days vox skin ;-;

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You assume battlepass to return each season?