Frankie, the Genius

Description: A hybrid tank who can cover while still deal great amount of damage.

Role: Top, mid, bot, jungler, support. But mostly, a hybrid CP top building support items (Fountain + The-stupid-item-silence-item).
Range: 6.4

Perk: Unlimited possibilities!
At level 10, Frankie and all of his teammates receive an additional skill points.

  • Time is about speed and gravity. Control those two things and you control time. And space. And whatever you want - Frankie said in Grumpjaw Lore

A: Crystallized Turret.
Frankie places a turret on the ground, and it starts attacking and slowing things, favoring heroes. The turret damage scales with CP, slow rate and attack speed scale with WP, and range scale with additional HP from items.
Overdrive: increase the turret placed from 1 -> 2.

  • There was even a tank in the back, blown half apart and still crackling with something that glowed purple.- Saw

B: Ka-Boom!
Frankie uses his grenades attached to his belt to deal crystal damage to the enemies and knock them back. The damage blasts so savage that they have their armor and shield reduced.
Overdrive: increase radius of explosion. Cooldown reduce more.

  • He picked up a rocket-propelled grenade from a shelf stacked with them, hoisted it onto his shoulder. “I’ve made enemies in militaries all ’round the world.” - Frankie

U1: Gizmo’s Loop.
Frankie uses his Cube to create an area around himself. All allies heroes will receive their buff again if the duration of its ends, and all enemy heroes will receive their debuff again after the duration of its ends. Each debuff/buff reset only triggered once.
(For example: if Frankie deals mortal wounds to Reza, and the duration ends before Ultimate ends, Reza will receive Mortal Wound again but not the DPS).

Or, we can have another ultimate for him. I prefer the one above because it add new mechanism to these MOBA.

U2: Gizmo Cube
Frankie activates his cube after choosing a spot and starts channeling, record the HP of everything in a small area around him. Then after 2 secs he and all allies, enemies, crystallized turrets, will teleport to that spot with the same HP as recorded.

  • I got a gizmo in the closet that’ll move things through time - Frankie

Playstyle: No matter you play WP Carry, CP Ultility or Captain, your purpose is only one: using your A to place the turret to make it shoots at the enemy heroes. If there are anyone who dares to walk out, start using his grenade to knock them back to the turret. While playing as Captain or Hybrid, he can use the turret’s slow to block the way of the enemy (ofc allies movement also be blocked) and knock them back if needed. Ultimate has numerous ultility, I will leave you guys to decide what will it does :wink:

Feel free to make comments about his playstyle!


How will the first ultimate affect abilities and items with stacking buffs?

Wait what grumpjaw can talk? Cool.

For the stacking buff/debuff, after the duration ends, the buff will automatically reappear with the same stacks.

My mistake! Have edited it!