Fountain Discussion

Fountain has always been a must-buy first item for captains. However, due to the addition of new items, maybe Fountain may not be a 100% must have for some heroes. Because Fountain is getting a defense nerf, maybe healers can get away with just building these high health items like Plate, which increases healing by 20% while also granting good defenses, and NOT build Fountain. This can give more room for other items whether is be SG for Grace Since her ult will have virtually no cooldown, though I think Fountain may still be a core item for Cap Grace, or literally anything for Lyra and Adagio. Of course, other caps without healing will NEED Fountain since otherwise there is not much healing to go around. But what do you think of healers like Lyra, Adagio, and Grace not building Fountain? I think Adagio and Lyra can be 100% plausible. Ig Echo does also grant more space for Grace kek that rhymes, so Plate coult definitely go there. However, she also may need to use Weave, which requires her to give up another item. Maybe Grace could take advantage of her extremely powerful early game to not have to build Fountain immediately, allowing her to get Plate when she reaches level 8?

EDIT: AHA! I think Grace can build according to how the game is going. If she is snowballing early on I think she can get away with getting SG instead of Fountain due to Plate and decent CDR especially with the buff. However, if the game is kinda even or if she is losing, then Fountain is definitely the way to go! Testing would be required

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And how is this thread different from my Fountainless Captain thread?

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Don’t think you’ll ever get to a point where a team wide heal isn’t a good thing, it’ll still be built on every captain IMO. Only difference is it’s not s order but item anymore on hero’s like lyra and Adagio.

Fountain never was must-buy on healers like lyra. Tho it was picked up 99% of the time. Right now it will be a lot different with the new items and that was SEMC intention. Good move on their part for that one.

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I’d always buy fountain first on Grace. I’m more likely to Leave it for later on Adagio or Lyra. Here’s my reasoning: While Grace’s heal may be more powerful than Lyra’s or Adagio’s, she doesn’t unlock it until level 6, and it isn’t available so often. So as to have heal asap in the early game, buy fountain first. Adagio and Lyra, on the other hand, both have their heals available at level 1, and, unless I’m mistaken, their heal scales with bonus health (unlike Grace’s CP scaling). So to increase their healing power, I like to buy health items early, which often means going straight into Crucible for I think +700 health. Obviously if there is none or little CC on the enemy team, I won’t bother with Crucible, and probably go straight for fountain.

Yeah that’s why I said it may be possible a Grace can hold off on Fountain if she is already dominating lol

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