Founding badge 5v5 help new players

Hello, being a ghost of the 2 year moba games, I realize that people have the founding 5v5 badge,

Can we still have the 5v5 badge after the update 3.0?

And on the current update?


Sorry, but there’s no way to get the 5v5 badge now. It was exclusively given to players who played a 5v5 match on 5v5’s public release (update 3.0).
Also, welcome to the forums!


Inb4 next patch SEMC let’s everyone who plays get the badge


20$ deal , 3000 ice 3 silver keys and a 5v5 badge
Act fast now

Honestly I think this guy is secretly a dev and trying to make the topic relevant so they hit us with (you Request we deliver ) 5v5 badges recolored ready now , but I expect them doing it after releasing vainglory console to celebrate blah blah blah .

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