Forumers we need your help

So welcome to the new community run forums!

As you can see we are still very much in beta - and will be setting up a whole host of cool things over the next wee while.

One of those things - we could use your help with.

We have a Category - Useful Resources which needs to be populated - right now it has 3 sub categories - Text Resources, Video Resources and a section for great content from the OG forums. It would be great if some people would be happy to volunteer to help populate these areas. Below this post I will explain a bit more about each section, but to post in any of them you will need to be in the Curators of the Vain group - either reply to this post saying you would like to help, or pm me and I will add people to the group.

I’ll only being adding people to the group on a temporary basis for the time being until these sections are adequately populated - so until the 10th of February - however we will need some volunteers to help out with keeping the useful resources updated in the long term so let us know if you are keen.


This is no longer urgent since the old forums have now closed. Please skip this post except for historical interest.

The first section we need help with is
This is most urgent because this content may all be lost when the official forums close on the 10th of February 2018.
However we want to try and get the best content from the forums - in particular looking for content that “stands the test of time” - So content which transcends the bounds of one patch and speaks more generally to Vainglory as a game - it needs to be content that people are going to want to come back and read, and even a new player now will learn something by engaging with it.

You can help us as a Curator by copying this content from the original forum into the new forums in the following manner.

Start the content with:
Content archived from the Original Vainglory forums - originally posted by “insert user name here” on the “insert date of original post here”

Then past in the body of the text.

If you think a response to the post was equally important then copy it below the original post as a reply.

Moderators will check all posts (and delete any that don’t fit the above criteria). We will also change the poster so that they all read as posted by “VGForumArchive” unless the original poster joins the new forums - then we will endeavour to change the poster so that it gives the originator of the post credit (and we will note in the postscript who helped by archiving it on the forums”.

You can find great posts to archive in a number of ways,
The Starred Threads is a good place to start:
This list of great posts is good:
This is a list of posts with the best ratings:
And of course there are many other great posts on the OG forums.

Here is an example post: Heroes and Impact: Understanding how gamesense works


Another category we need help with is the Text Resources Category.

This category is set up a bit differently to take advantage of one of the new features that using Discourse as our forum software brings - that of being able to make posts wiki’s. If a post is a wiki this means that anyone - not just the original poster -is able to edit the post. This enables us to make posts that function as community projects - where we work together on something and help make an epic resource. (Check out this for example - List of characters that could possibly appear into the Fold as a playable hero )

All threads in this Category start as wiki’s by default - in most categories if you want your post to be a wiki you need to either be trust level 3 or talk nicely to a moderator about it.

In this category to start or edit a wiki you will need to be a member of the Curators of the Vain group.

If you are a member of that group - feel free to edit the resources, just make sure you post at the bottom in italics to let people know where you are up to.

The Video Resources category will function in the same way.

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I’d like to help! Definitely willing to help out the revival of our forums


You should now have the Curator of the Vain group - so should be able to help out :vgcheersx3:

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I’m down for helping with the forum content.

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I could help if you need more people.

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I’m down, tell me what you need and I’ll hep!

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I’d be happy to repost my OC poster thread and continue it here if you want it to


Please! Fan Art would be the relevant Category I believe.


Yes i’d like to help. Actually, do you remember this meme thread?
I think it’s one of the best threads out there. It will be troublesome to archieve it on here though, what do you think? I really don’t want it lost.

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I can help if you still need it ( that 30 character min though )

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Okay great I will add you.

I do remember that thread fondly and yeah I think we should try to keep it. However I think it properly belongs in off topic - since while it is fun - I’d prefer people to not respond to geniune requests for help with memes.

To Archive it I would list its starting date and the User names of anyone who contributed memes to it that are still relevant. Then I would go through and download all the memes from the thread that are still relevant (ie there is one about a captain who doesn’t buy IGC which makes no sense anymore), then I would upload them all to one post in Off Topic. (you will need to add yourself to the Off Topic group to see that category.

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Hey, are you still taking people? I’m willing to dig for some great posts that might have been overlooked.

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I could help out too I guess :cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

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Done I have added both of you. Do check to make sure the threads you copy haven’t been copied before.

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Thanks, I’ll gladly do anything in memory of the old forums ;-;
Plus archiving isn’t really that hard, as all I need to do is copy+paste the quality threads and reformat them for here if needed

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Let me know if you still need a hand. I can assist you in retrieving essential threads/articles from the OG forum.

If you’d like, I could go through FanLore and try to archive the works of Clockwyrm and ParagonPrime. Both of them had numerous works that span across series, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to make a thread for each one and use spoilers to split the chapters apart.
Of course, if they’ve joined here without me knowing they could display their work using their own name :v