Forumers' Funny Finish

@Imanoob and I had a fun ending to a ranked 3v3 match last night. We were relatively in control throughout, and then things got a little weird at the end. I’m your girl, Catherine, and he’s your boy, BF. Check it out!

Disclaimer: apologies for the weird music (althought I kind of like it…) - I was playing the game with no sound, so figured it’d be better than just a small static and the sound of my thumgs tapping.

Can someone please help me embed YT videos so you all don’t have to click links/open new tabs?


Okay, we were in relative control throughout the game. It’s late a night, your ole man Veritas is in bed with the lights out, eyelids are heavy. Catherine’s singing me them lullaby songs… okay, creepy. Sorry. The opposing team makes a good last effort push catching me a bit out of position. Moments that made me laugh:

  • My “Kraken Shuffle” as I hold the opposing team off long enough for BF (@Imanoob) and Ringo to rejoin.
  • Gwen commits suicide. Sigh, people - when you’re low on HP, like very low, and Catherine pops her B. Run away! Her ult leads to her own death. Epic.
  • I loved the snipe on Alpha right as he’s about to recall. A bit of luck there, but I saw him starting to port out of the corner of my eye. I knew what noob was up to, so was doing my best to prevent recalls
  • I love the artistic masterpiece put on by BF. (Uh, dude, stutter step a bit? Nice AA =P). Right as the vain explodes, BF collapses. I just crack up when I watch it.
  • Other notes: I must have been more sleepy than I thought, I’m not sure why we didn’t take the first turret after the ace with me just tanking it. Whatever, it all worked out. :vgitem_slumberinghusk: for the win to help save BF coupled with me just spamming :vgitem_crucible: and :vgitem_fountainofrenewal:.

I might have maybe forgotten about stutter stepping for the whole time I was taking the vain
Which might explain why I felt sooooooo slow

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I cant remember who but I think it was either Hazel, Dimti, or Thace who said that you needed to just straight up put the link/url on its on separate line and not to use the hyperlink tool.


I fixed it :wink:

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