Forum wont open in browser?

Hey. When i try to open vgforums on UC browser an old city background shows up and i see pause button in the middle of screen as if video is playing. I cant leave this nor see forums content. When i open tabs on phone text shows up but of course you cant scroll like that. Can anybody help?

Can you share a screenshot? Pretty sure I know what’s happening but not sure why …

Also, what browser is it exactly? I’m not familiar with “UC”

Its a phone browser literally named “UC Browser”. I have no idea what UC stands for, but its the best browser so far for me.

So what you’re seeing is the background layer of the site, which is a movie. That browser doesn’t seem to understand CSS layers, though, as it seems to be rendering the background in front of everything else.

Do you know what version you have?

FYI, there seem to be a lot of security concerns with that browser, based on some quick research on the net.

Aha. Only now i have seen snow flakes across screen. :blush: ill try and update the browser maybe something changes. Ill use chrome for vgforums then. Thanks.

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I tried many browsers, opera, dolphin, firefox and do they suck. I use phone for a lot of downloading files because i dont have computer internet . All these browser suck in speed, way they handle downloads. They crash etc.

Uc browser is a little bit shady but i keep my fingers crossed everything is gonna be okay beacuse browser is really solid made, very user friendly.

Edit: replyed to myself lol.