Forum UI flow confusing

I find the forum UI really confusing. I can’t figure out how to go to a new post, or the latest post in the thread. I see multiple links to the same thread, some blue, some white, I have no ideas what links do what.

I want a “new items” menu that works like every other forum in the world: a button that drops down with a simple link to new posts in threads I’m following. Hell even Facebook works this way. If it is just inherent to Discourse and there is no way to make it work logically I may not be able to stay here, it’s just too frustrating trying to follow threads.

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@Noviwan you’ll also find a handful of navigation options in the main navbar (desktop), or under the ‘categories’ button (mobile)

No, not new posts everywhere … just in the threads I’m following. It sorta had this function under my name icon … but in an incredibly confusing way. I want links the the latest post in the threads I am following, and nothing else. The drop-down now contains way too many links, multiple links to the same thread, which is bewildering, I have now idea how to just do the simplest fo function, to pickup a thread where I left it off.

I’m considering going to Reddit, that’s how confusing it is to me. Is there a way to configure it to work like other forums?

That’s what that does. You should set your “auto-follow” preferences in your profile to make sure it works the way you want it to.

Discourse isn’t like other forum software, by design. It will never work like other forum software because its designers have thoroughly rethought what a discussion tool should be. I find it a major improvement, but ymmv, of course.

You may want to read more about Discourse’s design and features at

Can you point me to that? I can’t find any such setting. Looked under Notifications but nothing like that there?

Sorry, it’s not called “auto-follow” – it’s the notifications option. That sets the default behavior, but you can also change it when you’re within a topic – for example, if you don’t want to follow it any more.

Thanks. Sorry for so many questions! Do you know the difference between “watching” and “tracking”?


These are the various options and what they do. Np with the questions! Discourse is very different, but I love it.

yes, I like back then when there is no categorization yet, basically all topics can appear into general discussion

Still the main screen/home is very unfriendly to navigate and though I have found work arrounds I totally get where @Noviwan is coming from.
When I want to see the original post in a long list of posts I can’t press top or OP…

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Just tap the title bar at the top of the screen to see the OP.

[quote=“hazeleyes, post:9, topic:1260”]
These are the various options and what they do. Np with the questions! [/quote]
Thanks! Seems there is no “non intrusive” option. I just want to see the latest reply in threads I am following, with a link to it. Like every other for in the world. So far Discourse is just agonizing me. I can use it, and eventually find stuff, but the amount of sheer effort required to for such navigation makes my doubt the design sanity of some of their design decisions.

Like I literally cannot understand the followed-threads drop down menu. There are multiple links to the same thread. Sometimes clicking on one takes me to that post. Other times it takes me to the OP. It’s utterly baffling.

What where how? On mobile?..

Yes on mobile.