Forum Event: Forum Blind Dates!

(Assuming this is the right place)

Welcome to the first Forum Blind Date of the new forums. In the old forums Goddessry started 2 (which never got finished) before she afked and this is pretty much like this.

So. Write your name with your respective region, then put next to it a word that you want to be in your team name. Then join the discord to get to know people:

Also i would like to ask you to put your highest rank and whether you want people close to your rank so that you can improve together or whether you don’t mind so you can teach/learn. The matching will be as random as possible and if you asked for close rank and didn’t get it blame the matchmakerblame the limited supply of participants.

â—¦ Play a minimum of one full game.
â—¦ Take a screenshot of the ending screen.
◦ Do writeups detailing your experience with the week’s game.
â—¦ Post the screenshots and writeups on the relevant thread.

This week we will form teams and further information if there are enough participants to continue. Ask questions if you want i might of missed some stuff and remember THIS IS FOR FUN AND TO GET TO KNOW OTHERS. It’s not a competition.

  • Once a week
  • Once a month
  • twice a month

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How often do you think matches should be? It has come to my attention that a week might not be long enough.

5 man teams for 5v5? If that’s te case, count me in.

Oh i completely forgot 5v5 existed :sweat_smile:

Also, maybe you should’ve contacted a moderator beforehand for official announcement since this is a forum-wide event.
I just don’t want it to flop like the previous one which was completely neglected

I asked hipsterskaarf on discord owo.

I don’t know how i can make it encompass both 3v3 and 5v5. You can play 5v5 in your 3-man team? I remember in goddessry’s ones there were a bunch of 2 man teams. A 3 man and 2 man team could join together if you want 5v5 full parties?

You could split the players in 3v3 and 5v5 groups, but i don’t think that the total ( active ) capacity of this community will be enough to fill the spots

That’s what i was thinking. But don’t let it stop you from joining uwu

Sure, but pls, dont make me play 3v3 again ;-;

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Are there even enough active forumer’s to gather up in one region? for a 5v5?

it does feel very low.

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Maybe in NA, like the last time(s), as there’s a pretty good amount of NA players on here

I need to move to N.A. - always been curious about Los Angels…

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Well I here LA has a lot of NA meetings

Everyone talking about Na. Feelseaman

only bcuz i’ve yet to sea a successful match up in sea. i’ve signed up 3 times previously. nothing happens

Match me up with @DIMTI so we can carry with Ozo and Grace

What about SA? :sad:
Nobody talks about it and I’m straight up the only one the group for it here. @Sener is the only one here that I know who has a main in SA

@hazeleyes Here u go boss man. Make it happen

Yes what’s this about???


floppity floppity flop flop