Forum background picture

There needs to be something there. Anything. It’s too plain.
Suggestions? I like Skye. Taka.
This blackness is very dreary… Deathly vibe… I don’t like it.
Maybe new hero Tony? I’m really not fussed. Just go away blackness…


Lol, agree. The current state of affairs is because of an update to the site theme that assumes we’re using the latest beta of Discourse, which we’re not. (I won’t run beta software on a production site.) I’m working on a fix, but for now, enjoy the background, which is still VG-related: it actually represents Samuel’s soul.


I actually kinda like it like this :no_mouth:


The goal is to eventually have a handful of themes (or variations of a theme) you could choose from. So you could pick something with an illustrative background, or perhaps something that’s far more muted. Still up in the air though.


I like my coffee black, like my soul.

Too dark for me even though I am pretty dark atm…

@hazeleyes is that why i have a huge empty space on top of the site

Hmm, that sounds awesome I use to be good at theming, I’ve never tried discourse for it but I might research it and see if I can do one up if you guys want.

Edit: after researching discourse theming it is a little more than I can do


I was wondering whether or not my computer was having a breakdown because I see different fonts too. Thought maybe my browser was just freakin’ out. Glad to know it’s not.

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Let’a have a poll every month and choose the most voted background


i like the blackness, better than seeing only the forearm and hip (or some other section of their splash) of the latest skin/hero like in the og forums


I don’t like the black background, it looks too plain for me.

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@hazeleyes @HipsterSkaarf Or the old Vainglpry icon back in the days before 2.0

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How about picture of a person who just left VG? Hint hint, nudge nudge

@hazeleyes can u do a feature where like a notification comment that you like on jumps straight to the comment not just the thread?

There are some good ideas in this thread – like @HipsterSkaarf says, the idea is that you’ll have some choice as to what the site looks like … eventually. (We’re nearly there with regard to the theme itself becoming stable, but now it looks like we’ll have to wait for Discourse 2.0 to be released … hopefully that’s going to be soon, but right now, there’s no release date.)

@Aesthete18 There are some very nice QoL changes coming in Discourse 2.0 … not sure if that’s one of them, tho


Don’t have a problem with the black background or random font, just the huge gap on top of the screen

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And plz, did you notice that the loading circle is on Stormqueen’s boob?

I love that LMAO

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Lol, yeah, that bugs me too. It won’t be there long …

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Didn’t you Salt and leave? Do you hate the forums or not?

Btw, the new theme is SICK, so good… tons better than the old forums and better than the previous one! The only thing I can say is that there is a black free space above everything (on PC or mobile). If that’s gone and everything is property placed to top - everything would be TOP.

On a side note, if background is placed, is it possible to disable it from the menu and get that general black one.

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Why would I hate the forum? I spit on Reddit though.

poor guy always gets downvoted on reddit lol

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