Fortress still top Dog(e)

I haven’t seriously played Fortress in a long time. Ever since his A and B switched ages ago I stopped playing him.

This match I was last pick and I didn’t really want to play captain so I thought let’s try the old doggy.

His team wide speed boost is pretty sick and I was very much able to be all over the map and both dive and disengage rather quickly.

Is Fortress the strongest captain? He doesn’t feel very captain like but his team speed boost and team lifesteal versus single targets is very very impressive.


Boi Fort is top tier rn kek. Mainly in jungle tho cause those bleed stacks are nasty. His main weakness is that he relies a lot on allies tho

Fortress and Alpha are top ban rn

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Obviously 5 wolves is ridiculously strong right now all stealth hero are nothing to fort

As a captain? Probably not, he doesn’t offer enough CC, peel etc in my opinion.

But as a jungler he’s a incredible strong he has top winrate at the moment of 56% and for good reason. He isn’t the best 1v1, but his ULT and team wide movement buff really tip the balance in 5v5 fights, his ability to offer life steal and bleed DMG on targets causes panic in the opposition.

And 1 more thing is that Fort is ridiculously easy to play

He’s a great utility jungle. He can also make the tb/as proc build work which pretty much guarantees a kill in early and mid game ganks.

Just gotta survive the early game, but if your rotations are good you’re fine :^)