Fortress’s B needs a visual indicator

Have been playing VG for so long, even I didn’t know that Fortress’s B has the ability to:
“* Attacks from Fortress and his allies increase bleeding by one stack.

  • Upon reaching 7 stacks, the target is dealt a burst of damage based on its max health and receives mortal wound (reduced healing).”

No wonder Fortress has been so strong in lower tiers because people didn’t know how he has such burst damage. Fortress’s B should apply a mark on the target that show the stacks for said passive, similar to Braum’s Passive (from League). If I know that there’s a stacking to his ability, I could have an easier time countering it by using Atlas or Reflex Block.
VG should focus on details in general, making everyone’s life easier.


Good point, never really thought about it. Something similar to Krul’s weakness stacks can’t be too hard.


Or BF’s hearthrob stacks


It’s a nice change for fort as I when playing fort would find this a bit helpful too, but it’s been there since his release so I don’t see that visually changing anytime soon to show stacks

It has one… the problem is that as the wolves apply it, using the RB to prevent it is a waste.

We had a big discussion about fortress buff here because he was a potatoe , and I mentioned his mortal wound ability as something make people pick him but after releasing mortal wounds items , heroes with mortal wounds on their kit outshined by other heroes using the new items , well it’s an old discussion thread fortress now in a good spot .

That’s why fortress is good with attack speed teammates like ringo and vox , and he used to abuse the shiversteel to get his stacks , and by buying aftershock you give him all he wants , he can burst heroes easy, you probably atleast asked yourself at somepoint why is aftershock enough for him to deal all that damage .

When fortress ult he gets wolves and fortified health and attack speed , that’s why you war tread and fight him after the ult gone , he can with his teammates delete a carry easy.

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There is no need to dumb the game down, the ability is clearly described in the description and if u play him enough u can accuratly guess which attack will be the trigger.
Dont dumb down the game and then be surprised how noobs reach t9.

“Dumbing the game down” is not why those people reach T9. It’s the matchmaker and the elo system’s problem.

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I don’t know about you, but i personally cannot dodge a Celeste’s Ult, watch out for that hero in the bush trying to gank me, and count the number of basic attack that Fortress has on me to use my flask/Reflex Block. Making things clear does not mean “dumbing the game down”- Kestral’s A and Joule’s B for example all apply on-hit effects but are they basic attacks? Idk. What if Fortress used his B, then Kest and Joule poke me with their abilities?- Is that 2/7 stacks? Or 0/7 stacks?