FooJee no longer with SEMC

HE WAS A BEARDO!This text will be blurred

I feel like he’s been working for like less than 1 year at SEMC but I don’t wanna say anything. He was a cool dev I’ll always remember how he commented “Nice!” in one Reddit post where I killed Joseph with Idris Ult when he was teleporting away. Good memries.

People wanna say VG isn’t dying but people keep leaving like they’re.


Well he is an esports Dev. And you know how SEMC is handling esports rn due to what it did for the game’s growth

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He will never be forgotten.

Was he the #wision guy?


no. that guy left vg casting long ago. cant remember his name right now, but he was the partner of blueberries. they were one of the first casters to vg.

Oh, you’re right! I can almost … remember… it’s right there, but not quite…
Well, this will bug me. Someone release me from this hell!


30 characters are annoying

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Thanks! :heart_eyes: :speak_no_evil:
Yeah, I remember now. That must have been so long ago… 2015-like long ago… jeez…

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