Flying Catherine glitch

I don’t know where to put this…

Remember the flying Taka glitch?

It’s back, except in Catherine form.

I was playing Catherine, and when the Grumpjaw ate me and spat me back out, I was launched into the air. I couldn’t move or attack anything, and the only ability I could use was the shield. (ult wasn’t up so I’m not sure about that) could use activatables, but couldn’t go anywhere. It didn’t last long since it was in a real match, and I died pretty quick so I didn’t get to really test anything out. I don’t know who killed me, or if it was the turret GJ spit me out under. I don’t remember it targeting me though, so I think it was another hero. Can someone test this out and see if they can replicate it, maybe in a practice party?

It was in a Blitz match, but I don’t know if that makes a difference.

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Those kind of bugs can’t be helped by players. Could you port?

@hazeleyes you are well informed about bugs right.

I have faced a similar thing with rona. I got struck when an enemy Lance used his B during my jump but I could get back once it was off cooldown and jumped to another area

Anyone else get launched into the air for a split second after getting rocket leaped?

I haven’t seen this one reported, tbh, so it’s worth sending a message to SEMC support about it.

I had several weird jump aways displacements without cause while playing Baptiste.

The game is riddled with bugs like this.

When you jumped, was it like the Lag Slingshot of Death, or were you stuck in one place? Was it noticeably caused by one hero (specifically Grumpjaw’s ult) or an ability from you or another hero? Also, what mode was it and where were you on the map (jungle, under dragon/kraken, under turret, one of the bases, etc)?

I’m trying to see if it was a GJ problem or something else.

In my case it was this game.

And my game was really glitchy around Catherine. Whenever she was around I had issues with movement and skill activation. I had 3 instances where my ult did not activate and several other weird displacements.

I was knocked back as if hit by half range knockout punch. I moved backwards without a walking animation or a change in direction for my hero model.

So far I have had big issues playing Joule and Baptiste where skills glitch out and don’t activate.

So it’s Catherine after all… I wonder if just the combo of Catherine and Grumpjaw specifically triggered it, and if other things would also activate the glitch, like trying to stun a jumping hero (Baron, Joule, etc.).

Also, what was your Kestrel doing?? Was she afk? Nice BF though.

Our kestrel was indeed AFK making it a 4v5 with BF usually 1v2 and coming out on top. Even with his SM PS build…

I was glitched out several times resulting in 3 deaths out of my control. We almost won even.

You guys did the absolute best you could have done, considering the circumstances. The Kestrel probably would have fed if she hadn’t afk’d. Looks like the Take did enough feeding for both teams though. :laughing:

I picked Baptiste to counter him. He could not move near me.

Thx though

I wonder if this glitch is related to what i just experienced with playing Samuel… moonwalking around as if i was lagging… but all my abilities still hit, as if i was not lagging… weird.

it wasn’t a rubberbanding effect… it was a slowmotion effect… everyone was just moving really strange, I was just glad my abilities still hit…

Maybe it’s their new way to account for the lag. ice skating rather than stuttering.

@Xaldarian @Ve3nNo0wM I’ve been experiencing the ice skate/slow motion thing with Joule for months now, but only with Joule. It seems like it’s spread to other heroes recently? Any others you’ve seen this on?

A couple days ago, I jumped with Baron and continued to fly until I hit their sanctuary. I took the enemy sanctuary damage and died. Laughed too hard to report it but haven’t had any jump problems since.

However for the past couple weeks, my Idris blink has looked like a slow motion Vox dash. I assumed it was my animation fps but double-checked everything was fine.

Also, my stutter stepping has been having problems recently where it doesn’t register me tapping the ground

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à la the Grace A and Skye B travel bugs?

Were you using your A when you were eaten?

Probably yes, but I can’t be sure. I most likely was but it was a teamfight so it’s not the clearest.

Thats an interesting possibility then - might be a repo for a bunch of these issues.