Flicker Top?

I heard it was a thing, I will do literally anything to play Flicker if it has even slight potential, rn he is a joke…totally unreliable and has been for the longest time.

So if Flicker top really works, what’s the build for him?

i play flicker top sometime
it’s casual though, not ranked
he’s good but i don’t know if he’s viable or not in ranked

his damage is not very good so u need strong damage jungler mid and bot

3v3 Flicker is semi-decent as a roam (although there are much better alternatives)

5v5 Flicker is dead unless you’re a jungler who can capitalize on early invades and snowballing against late game heroes. Your chances diminish as the match continues. Please don’t play top until this meta changes with 3.5

Flicker top is good only because he can safely invade and dip out if there is vision. His clear with storm banner is good and like one CP item and all utility is a good build. Somewhat of a troll pick but with the buff next patch he might actually see viability in both modes.

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