FlavorText Challenge

RPGs create worlds with very little to work with. Devs can’t create entire stories for every single item, so they use flavortext. A brief explanation and a bit of history into an item.

I thought, “Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what kind of stuff other people have, and the history behind it without having to burn through stories with maximum effort?”

And thus, the flavortext challenge.

  • Must be your own item. (Don’t rip something of google lol)

  • Item must be REAL.

  • Give your item a name, and a brief description of it.

  • Item stats encouraged, but not required.


Feinstein’s coin
A token of gratitude from the senator.

+1 Charisma
+1 Perception


“Rick and Morty t-shirt”
+999 INT

Wait just noticed it had to be something I owned. Oof

Werk Boots Pin
A pledge to remember the steps that are hard to take

+1 Creativity
+1 Determination
+4 “Don’t give a damn”-ness