Fix your slow @x#$% game

Here I am in the middle of a 5v5 RANKED and I keep on getting lag spikes. It is not my device! I’m 25 minutes into this match and I die, start to respawn. Respawn timer hits ZERO and NOTHING happens. I wait for about a minute then close out the app to #$%# Reload and it has been going for like 3 minutes. It says LOADING and it isn’t LOADING. I see the damn screen that says loading and it is still going. If It says I went afk I am going to flip! The game is so slow its hardly playable even on the NA server.


There it goes calling me a deserter and I didn’t do @#$%!. SEMC needs to get the @#$% together. I can’t even do ONE half decent game because of this crap. I’m doing and blitz and if it goes out in that thing I will @#$%^&*().

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There it goes again blitz timer hits ZERO and NOTHING happens. It stays at zero and I am going to get SCREWED for ditching when I didnt do @#$%^&*

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Your constructive comments and suggestions keep getting covered by a bunch of punctuation marks.


When I finally managed to do a blitz, it ran very well. This shows the 5v5 is the issue. Vainglory you need to upgrade your damn server to hold ten people at one maybe do that with the money for are making people spend for skins. So the game can be playable!

They will improve the servers, tho still elevating by how much. Right now there are indeed server side problems.

Shooting themselves in their foot while trying to figure out. General rule during peak time if your servers are over 30% upgrade to peak time being 10% or less especially if you plan to grow any bit

I have also encountered the same issue, except with a much less bad case than yours. There are times where it gets to 1000+ ms for like 10 seconds, but afterwards, gameplay runs smoothly enough for me to ace my CP Kestrel :smiley: and CP Kestrel really needs decent ping to work effectively.


I think the main problem is that 5v5 don’t run smooth at all. 3v3 work very fine for me, SEMC just needs to upgrade their servers. I wanted to rant about it though.

Do you have fog of war on?
If so that can cause really weird lagg spikes.
Set graphics to medium.

If the 5v5 map is the issue than I say kill the fog of war. It removed 90% of those laggspikes for me.

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Seems like the prophecy saying 5v5 gonna breaking VG is coming true

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This doesn’t belong into the Salt-Mine, despite the language.

These server issues have been persisting since the 3.1 update, and render the game nearly unplayable, in some cases.
It’s not limited / solely related to 5vs5, either, as I just got dropped out of a BR match. Most problems still during match-up phase, with hero select or match not loading (no matter which mode).

Of course people would get irritated, at some point.


Maybe, but I made it in the salt mine to rant about semc lol. The server issues are sad though :frowning:

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