Fix your buggy game!

I’m having problem with every single aspect of the game right now!!

I’m playing on steam

Dark screens, not being able to lock in a hero, dark screens again and sometimes nothing but a background music!
don’t make your game cross platform if you’re not capable of pulling it off properly!

fix your game for god’s sake!


First thing: welcome to the forums!

Second thing: you may want to send a mesage to the support system, sadly this site is a community run forum and not the official one (Reddit), so developers may or may not read this. If you want to have a higher chance of them reading this send them a message or maybe post it in the official subreddit. Otherwise, if you post certain information about the device you are using (model, version, things like that) someone may be able to help you fix this bugs.


Don’t worry , their priority is PC and they fixing game bugs now , so expect that going to happen next update 4.4 , well they promised to fix bugs which it should benefit all platforms but I think they going to make sure PC is good and playable .

To echo @Guest_78, welcome to these forums!

VG on PC (and apparently the Steam version in particular) is kind of a disaster currently. It’s clear it was really in no shape to be released, but SEMC did so anyway and pretty much destroyed any chance of it being successful on that platform. (Look at the Steam numbers if you doubt that.)

If you have specific bugs to report, it’s best to use SEMC’s support request form on their website – reports there go directly into their ticket system, unlike stuff reported here, on Twitter, or on Reddit.