First TFT 1st Place Win!

The Untamed Hushtail :arrow_down: I bought yesterday seems to have brought me good luck!


So… which server are you playing on? 'just asking out of idle curiosity, obviously, and totally not to hound you out of jealous spite.

#gief-hushtail :worried:

I’m on the NA server :canada: :us: :mexico:

The hushtail hunting season has opened!

But on a more serious note: It’d be lovely to be able to switch servers. I’m guessing TFT is tied in with the rest of LoL, and so will remain locked? (Edit: I’m a bit out of the loop there. TFT Mobile is my first contact point with Riot products.)

I’m not going to say many good things about PUBGM, but being able to just select any server from a drop-down menu and playing with friends from all over the world is frigging awesome.

Careful, my little hushtail protec but she also attac

So, since the end of February, everyone playing Riot games is using a Riot account, which has a globally unique username. League player accounts are attached to a specific region (e.g., NA, OCE, EU, etc.) and require paying RP to switch servers. Since TFT grew out of the League client, I believe it works the same way.

Legends of Runeterra, however, doesn’t appear to follow the same region scheme, but Valorant does. :man_shrugging:

All that said, you can now add friends from outside your region, but all you can currently do is chat with them. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I just had the stars align in the craziest way, and ended up with a 3-star Kayle and a 3-star Jinx in a regular match. 'never seen anything quite like those two gals getting to work. :star_struck:

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