First Impression of San Feng

Granted it came in a rumble game. As I suspected, he’ll be a permaban for me in ranked play. I would cast an ability on him, and if he happened to be using one of his… No damage dealt. Really stupid. I also found that if I waited the 2 seconds for the fortified health to go away, I either A) lost my opportunity or B) if I forced the issue, I’d be out of position. His B is way to powerful.

As I suspected, a really poorly executed hero that has a good concept to it. So sad.

What are others’ thoughts?

Personally, I just played a bot match and… I doubt I will play VG this update, so I don’t really care match about how bad San Feng is balanced. However, from the numbers is saw in his abilities, he seems stupidly strong, his B deals 850 damage with 7 seconds cooldown… BaLaNcEd; They reduce the amount of FH Reim gains and surprise surprise they release San Feng, ok.


Haven’t played with or against him yet but he doesn’t seem to have a spotlight… Reza 2.0?

Even if the ability takes a lot of time to hit, 850 damage with 7s cooldown seems op. Fighting him in early when heroes doesn’t have enough mobility to dodge it is going to be hell.

Not for me, I’m not playing VG so I won’t face San Feng

Hmm… it’s hard to tell. San Feng’s B base damage is quite high.

This is me just speculating based on my experience and just one Practice session with him.

His B is like Magnus with his ult, it hits hard. It is slower and shorter in range, but makes up for being broad and on low cooldown. It feels very nice in lane for clearing minion waves and is decent in the jungle (granted, this was in a Practice Match).

Now, it on the base level is nearly double than some other hero abilities at max rank. However, it’s ratios for gains from CP and WP is half or even less than some other abilities ratios.

Coupled with the fact that his A ability has low damage numbers, it makes sense why this ability is a bit fat on damage.

His ult is finethough.

The funny thing I find people not complaining about is his stun durations. They are flat across all levels, so from my perspective, there is not much incentive to max ult when you get more out of A and B.

I think the way they should go about nerfing this is to increase the cooldown a bit towards the later stages. Also, make it so that the first 4 stages have less damage maybe.

Now, San Feng’s perk bypasses what Mortal Wounds normally counter.

This in itself shows that that perk and Mortal Wounds is a problem.

While great against healing, sustain carries and those relying on a slow build up of Fortified Health, Mortal Wounds doesn’t do much against this type of full heath fortification, healing that uses percent max health (such as Idris and Adagio with their Legendary Talents) and near instant barriers (such the one as Lance’s Rare Talent offers).

What I think should be done are:

  • Have so that San Feng’s fortification is cut to maybe 70% of his current health. It’s timer is short enough that he has windows of vulnerability I feel.
  • Modify how Mortal Wounds function. Something like reducing barrier and fortified health duration being cut by 33% to 50% on affected targets. Reduced or move the healing impairment to a seperate component all together to give rise to new items and make some heroes viable again.

I decided to buy him just so I can farm his Talents as part of my Talent to Glory project.

This is his first drop…

I got his most busted Talent outright, lol! :rofl:

It reduces his B’s cooldown to 40% of its base level and slows enemies (damage gets reduced to 90% but that is insignificant). I sure you all can picture the sheer salt that will induce, hehe.

Mortal wounds affect how much of his hp is fortified. So instead of 100% of his HP it’ll be 100 minus whatever the reduction from mortal wounds are (33%?) of his HP is fortified. Not as effective when he’s full health, but when he’s lower it’ll be much more effective.

All of this is affected by MW though. The problem with San Feng is that when he is with full hp, reducing 33% leaves him with 67% of his health as FH, and you are not going to bypass that.

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This was news to me today as I was playing, and just in case others are believing the same inaccurate thing I have been:

Regarding San Feng’s perk: it is a 100% barrier of his current remaining health. It is not a 100% max hp. I watched closer playing with an ally today in Rumble. When San Feng had about 1/3 HP left, the fortified health bar only reached the 1/3 point as well. This makes me feel a little better about it as I was under the impression it was always a 100% max hp fortification. His B is still ridiculously stupid though.

Did anyone else initially misinterpret his perk the way I did? Or is it a bug and SEMC does intend to make it 100%?

So far, in the matches I’ve faced San Feng, I’ve found him somewhat underwhelming. I’ve mainly been playing Gwen in Rumble, and at least with her, I’ve found him pretty easy to avoid.

Also, in Rumble, it’s pretty easy for him to get into trouble if he doesn’t kill a bunch of the opposing team right away.

With his introduction to the game I am brought back to years ago back when stun locking a single hero was an amazing feat that took the coordination of the entire time.
Then i look at San Feng and realize how far we are from that. A single hero can stunlock and entire team by himself. And deal a stupid amount of damage while hes at it.

My impressions of him? Broken AF.

Im not mad at his introduction. Just disappointed. I like the idea of ability nuffifying abilities and almost anything fortified half. But my god when you package both of those along with massive AoE Stuns and displacement? Yea theres a problem here.

He is a melee hero that counters all other melee heros (i havent tested against Krul yet…maybe our OG OP 1v1r can save us)

What i think should be done is remove his stun capabilities or his fortified health.

Also since you closed my thread, I assume you are O.K. with discussion about the hero here.

San Feng Hero Spotlight

Anyone who enjoy’s predicting enemies next move, will enjoy playing this hero. I already love this hero from this spotlight and not even played him yet.

I expect this front liner to dominate all close range combat. thoughts ?

I still think Blackfeather and Glaive to give him a hard time. thoughts ?

You can’t have more FH than health, so if you have 1/3 of health, you won’t have full FH (Max health), but all that 1/3 will be FH.

San feng is one big bummer in my opinion, sure Malene and Anka were very overpowered and obnoxious when they were first released but at least they were fun to play. San feng is not only ridiculously overpowered but his design is very poor, his A is dash, his B deals is like a damage spell and his is like a better Adagio ult. It almost feels like they had to make him overpowered otherwise there would be no fun in playing him. Never been more disappointed about a hero release.


That makes sense. I feel silly for not figuring that out ha. Just how I initially read it made me think he always got a overall 100% fortified health.

Same, never been so uninterested in a new hero. I didn’t even check his abilities description and I personally always do that. I now tried him in practice and honestly I didn’t change my opinion.

You? But you love bruisers! I wasn’t expecting that. Rip you :confused:

That was my hope too lol. But even after trying him he seems very uninteresting. His abilities kinda don’t feel good to use in my opinion. I only played practice so don’t really know, just first impression. I will play him if he’s good as I try to play all heroes in the game so I’ll eventually try him anyway. But still doesn’t interest me at all.

He seems like a hero you just avoid/ignore until you have numbers on your side. Attacking him just give him the opportunity to stun/B combo. His B is easily avoidable and he might be best used as a lane pusher. I can see ADCs just stacking BP on him.