First game since coming back with Anka!

Just recently got back to VG after a little break and played a casual with Anka. Went 14/3 (my deaths were from 3v1s and getting killed cause I only focused the crystal, but I could have gotten away with 2 deaths) and Anka felt really good to play. Her early game is kinda piss poor, but her late game is fantastic. I had to play her in top and she did not feel like she had fantastic clear overall, so I am guessing she will mostly be jungle unless her lane clear is buffed ever. I was against unranked players, so fights were pretty easy for me cause I was always able to secure at least 2 kills in 3v1s and that ult is just…omg that ult is ridiculously good…also…I DID NOT CRASH THE ENTIRE MATCH!!! Maybe it was from restarting my device and clearing the cache, but I really hope SEMC fixed my crashing issues cause that would mean I can play 5v5 again!!!

so i looked at the match in your vgpro, and i noticed you maxed and got A first, which is probably why she felt slow at clearing. her B is amazing at clearing and poking, it’s her main source of damage, so even if A has range increase, maxing B is still, imo, a better option.

but ye anka is rly fun to play!

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Yeah I thought about that. Will probably upgrade her B more then

I max A for the gank potential. Used to max B for the extra clear speed, but ultimately it leads to her playing dangerously close range in order to land her A. I find 2 levels on her B is enough to clear waves.