First game in 2 months

And my last

I dont see any problem, its casual.

I think there’s quite a bit of evidence these days that the matchmaker has been set to prioritize queue times over balanced teams.

Sadly, I don’t think SEMC have any good choices left when it comes to tuning the matchmaker.

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I mean the matchmaker could have swaped one of the unranked players in my team for the enemy reza or skaarf, same queue time but more balanced game.

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That Game is actually one of the most balanced casual matches ive seen in months.

that’s good to hear lol 3030303

Agreed. Maybe some of the other team were playing as a party?

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5v5 casuals have 0 mmr it’s completely random so no surprise here

That’s completely false. Where did you get that idea?

from my own experience it’s a melting pot of every single skill tier, and the teams are almost never balanced.

Ah. So it’s sarcasm.

I’ve not been a fan of Vainglory’s matchmaking algorithm for a long time, and recently its weaknesses have been magnified by the shrinking pool of players. However, it most assuredly is not completely random, and there is indeed a separate matchmaker rating for the casual queues.

The casual MM takes into account the MMR… until certain time passes, which, as it’s casual and it priorities short queues, it’s quite low, due to that players end up being matched as if there was no MM. it also doesn’t help the fact that in casual full parties can get matched with solos as the full party vs full party rule is only applied in ranked. All this leads to players thinking there is not MM, which is also a horrible idea as it’s the first impresión new players get.

Agree completely. Like I said, I am not a fan of their matchmaking algorithm at all.

Not even. Matchmaker doesn’t no how to make matches. For example: There are 6 VG bronze players in queue. 2 VG Silver player in queue. I will refer to one VG Bronze player as “chimpanzee” one VG silver player as “gorilla” and the other VG silver player as “godzilla (aka Chuck).”

So gorilla goes to queue first and he’s sitting on 1 minute he watches his friendlist and chimpanzee joins queue and gets inside of it instantly. Gorilla waits 3 more minutes until him and godzilla get into a match where gorilla ends up with three trolls and one low VG bronze. Godzilla’s team even though it doesn’t have a captain, much like gorilla’s team, ends up with seemingly cooperative players who let him play bot.

This is just one case but it happens too often. MM doesn’t prioritize anything besides making both sides as even as possible, which isn’t right. If a VG silver player is in queue for 4 minutes or so then he should get the match even if it is a curbstomp which is never a guarantee.

VG MM has so much wrong with it than it’s priorities.

I actually believe this is true, those 3 unranked players on my team have no mmr since they just started the game, on the other had i’ve played hundreds of casual games so there is no way our casual mmrs match. My theory is that choas queue was never removed, the algorithm just finds the first 10 players to queue for 5v5 casuals without ever taking into consideration their mmr.

Exactly. Ive pointed this out in another post as well. All they have to do is spread out the uneven tiers evenly. But maybe, just maybe opponent 5 were in a party(especially cos all 5 have very close ranks). In casual, full party get matched with duo+solos these days.

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