First game in 10 weeks

I slightly missed Vg but after 45 minutes playing the game i remembered why i haven’t touched it in so long and won’t be for quite a while. So i decided to hope on my poa account to warm up since i am hella rusty, spent 4 minutes in queue but someone didn’t accept so i spent another 4 minutes and yet again someone doesn’t accept so here goes another 4 minutes and yet again someone doesn’t accept. After 3 declined games i finally get into draft then into a game some 15 minutes later. Pretty upset already, poa is a big percentage of the player base and it takes 4 minutes to find a game and not only that the queue resetting after a game is declined/dodged is still a thing. But i moved on and i played the game, i was playing joule against caine in lane, i figured this would be a pretty rough match up even though i haven’t tried this patch yet but i don’t have that many heroes on that account to counter-pick properly (providing caine has any counters). Lemme tell you Caine is totally busted, the cd reduction on his B via basic attacks combined with the movement speed buff when he’s reloading makes him insanely mobile, his ult is completely ridiculous not cause of the true damage execute but of how much he can spam it and his damage is pretty ridiculous once he gets some items. I was pretty disgusted by how stupidly broken this hero is, like semc literally did everything they could to make him Op status. At this point you probably think that i got beat pretty hard by this Caine and that’s why i am ranting but you’re wrong i was 25/0 in 20 minutes . So now you’re like then why are you complaining you won right ? Well no my teammates literally played like bots, i kept getting kills but then they would keep chasing and die instead of capturing dragons. Eventually the Caine got some items after being gifted kills by my brilliant teammates. We eventually lost in a 37 minutes game that we should have won in no more than 22, all my team had to do was help me capture dragons instead of dying trying to chase kills but they never got the hint the entire game. Its literally impossible to make me tilt on my smurf but literally but this entire 50 minutes experience was just depressing, the 15 minutes wait to get into a game, how ridiculously op the new hero is and the awful quality of the game. 1 game in 2 months that’s all i am gonna have, if the game is so frustrating on my smurf then i can’t imagine how tilting its gonna be on my main once the matchmaker starts handing me low elo teammates and matching me against parties.

Edit: After leveling up i also got a bunch of very exciting talent coins (not).

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Both reasonings are valid:

  1. the time to get into a game is ridiculous even for a PC serious competitive game, let alone a mobile one. Constant 4-6m que times, declines followed by another 4-6 minutes and the most lovely one - dodges and most of the time after 5-7m draft. Nowdays IT’S NOT possible to win the draft, there are literally talks about who got dodges left and who will dodge in the chat I observed + in the end someone dodges or if you win the draft - enemy player dodge. This leads to another 4-6m que and sometimes I had few dodges in a row after full drafts! Literally half a hour till I start ONE game and this leads to point number 2.

  2. was calculated roughly, but is kinda accurate: 50% chance for totally one sided game, 25% chance for unbalanced game and 25% for balanced one. So you got 75% chance for unbalanced match and half the time you will actually have a blowout game. Combined with 1) this is frustrating to say the least.

Those two alone are making me try other mobile MOBAs to change VG, need time to test them + to rank up a bit so I can see how atleast average players play them (not only mechanically, but strategically too). Out of game exp is a lot better in ML and AOV with so much that it’s not even funny + so much real initiative to actually play the game and be awarded to do so (even if you lose and all modes). Progress, beauty, ingame stats, out of game stats and whatnot. VG tried to go that way and failed, even some of the good ideas like moving hero elements on the menu - removed as they clearly don’t have the working force to do them (can’t see any other reason…). And so on, and so on…

The thing is the game wasn’t unbalanced skill tiers were pretty even and there was no parties involved (not as far as i am aware). Its just that the quality of players was just terrible, if someone is 25/0 its just impossible to lose by team wasn’t playing they were trying to lose.

one game, I am talking about my experience in numerous ones in t10 (around high bronze/silver MMR and 2500 elo displayed one).

Yeah i know how bad the matchmaker is at high mmrs

How many post I had to read about you quitting and coming back but this time you missed VG… i oop


Lmao, you beat me to it this time. He says it literally every patch. :joy:

:joy: I know right. Hilarious.

30 chars

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And people in reddit say he is balanced XD
Honestly, everyone that thinks so doesn’t know how to use him. Disowned destroyed with him despite being his first time and not knowing what his abilities did. It’s ridiculous how strong he is.


Tbh anyone that says he is balanced are either low tier or assassin mains

I did create a post in the past saying i am quitting for good like a good 9 months ago then ended up coming me back but i never mentioned anywhere that i am quitting this time. Also when i stopped 2 months ago i knew it wasn’t me being totally done with Vg forever, still not done but definitely not enjoying it at the moment. So your post is kinda silly aint it.

Assassins don’t counter Caine he was a shit ton of mobility, sure an assassin has the potential to kill a Caine but they doesn’t they counter him. On the other hand assassins counter mages such as Celeste cause they have no mobility, once they get jumped they should die or get heavily outraded

You actually say you’ve stopped playing almost every patch. Seriously.

I think you’re kinda exaggeration haha, i definitely didn’t make any announcements saying that i am quitting this time, i did post my unhappiness about the game but that doesn’t mean i am quitting. And before that i basically grinded ranked for the entire season so basically i never made any quitting statements for the past 5 months :wink: I will admit i did go back and forth with my decisions so can’t blame you, at moment i don’t feel like playing Vg at all, today i was like lets play some games it can’t that bad. I still don’t think i am totally done with Vg tho.

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Lol, ok, fair enough. Tbqh, I haven’t felt much urge to play lately either – the long queues, the bugs, the lack of any incentive to grind, the balance issues … the game just doesn’t excite me much right now.

Like you, I’m hoping for some changes in the next patch(es).

I am not hoping for changes cause they won’t come, if i do play Vg in the future its probaly cause i am too bored and without any options regarding video games.

Meme King back with the references :star_struck:

Heh I deleted the app long time ago (a week ago) and with 3gb free and back onto my phone, I downloaded AoV again and some other games (Epic7) :clap:

I too used to play VG when I was extremely bored but I usually go out onto the appstore and find the next big game that I can play.

Heroes like Taka are stickier than super glue tbh lol

The matchmaking put one of my accounts (t5 gold) in a t9 5v5 game recently , I thought Iam going to have a decent game but they actually all went carries and I roamed for them , the jungle was getting stolen from the start , all the buff were getting stolen by the enemy , it was worst than playing with the t6 and t7s I get matched with them , like in 3v3 there is bad players but not like this , there is a better understanding in 3v3 than 5v5 even in mid tiers , I actually see why some players in my friendlist even as a party stuck in t9 but they hit t10 and they now ranking their 5v5 accounts as a due or trio and they already made it to t10 way faster .

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