First enjoyable game but

I just recently played a ranked 3v3 soloq that i was enjoying, but then super stutterstep lag happened. That wasn’t my biggest problem though, my biggest problem was my teams captain. The person decided on captain role instantly and nearly instalocked Adagio saying they were doing a support build, and seeing this made me go “OK I can take a little bigger risks this game when around him”. Wow was I wrong instead of healing me but twice, one time which did no good as i was already porting, he healed himself and minions the whole game. So than i had to switch to a play it safe route, except I couldn’t as i spent most the time trying to save him. He would try to use Adagio like he was a tank going right on the enemy . Despite all this i had fun and we had a chance to win still until Adagio decided to avoid teamfights when i was involved leaving me expecting things to be 2v2or3 to 1v2or3 which wouldnt be bad except tony was on the other team… i honestly didn’t check Adagio’s build till the game became unwinnable turns out he built a hybrid carry Adagio which for captain in 5v5 works well not in 3v3 unless you use your a and b on your team not yourself

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