First day of VG

probably the world’s best Taka but definitely the best Grace. Is there a way to create a saved build to auto buy items? Speed/efficiency is obviously extremely important. I mean I buy items during skirmishes around the gold miner/kraken but I’ve been using auto builds to be as fast as possible.

I don’t see any options to re size UI elements? Am I missing something because this seems like a basic feature in any game. I’d like my skills bigger - I misclick more than I’d like to while playing on a S7.

I’d also like real communication to take VG more serious when this anti human interaction trend ends. It’s a phone game, so a voice chat system should be easy to implement (I know this won’t happen… but it should)

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Saving builds: no
Resizing UI: Android = in-game options, iOS = system settings > Vainglory
Best option for voice chat atm is Discord.

Welcome on board!

The first is something they have said they are looking at. To some degree its good to vary your build depending on what the enemy is doing.

Resizing is only possible to a limited degree I am afraid.

Voice chat they are exploring - quite a few of us find folks and play with them on discord.

Hope you have a great time!

Thanks for the replies. I have one more question: is it possible for players to cheat with a mouse on bluestacks or similar apps? I’m asking because I enjoy playing mobas competitively but feel it might kill the ranked experience if one team’s carry has a hardware advantage.

They can exploit using an Android emulator… However, there’s very small tactical advantage in it. This is obviously just my opinion but after using an emulator myself for 2 days while my phone was in the shop I personally didn’t notice much of a difference other then the clicking was more precise with a mouse as its easier to misclick with your finger. This may be because I’m so use to playing on my phone but I personally felt faster and more reliable without the emulator.

I could see it being a huge advantage in mobas with joystick controls and of course any mobile fps game.

Its not really stable enough on bluestacks and its not clear its a big advantage anyway.

The Samsung Dex system and the Razer system both enable play with mouse and keyboard - people seem to enjoy it for the novelty but I haven’t met a top tier player yet who prefers that control system over touch.

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Also, I couldn’t figure out a way to scroll with the mini map and move at the same time in bluestacks which is extremely important but this was before they released the free camera.

You need to use two mice obv dude, come on. :thinking:

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