First Complaint About the New Patch!

I havent seen the patch notes yet though I heard from excoundrals vid that captains early damage was buffed.
Idk who thought this was a great idea but in my first game of VG after the patch

I get out damaged by a flicker who hasnt built a single damage item. Im sorry but what, he didnt even have a high talent level so i couldnt blame it on that.

Im going to have to look at the patch notes when i have the free time because if this is caused by their buff to cap damages… Us captain mains are going to have an identity crisis and just start laning and soloing games.

I’m pretty sure Flicker didn’t get damage buff, or any at all lol.

Apparently roamers are supposed to be “Scary” until lvl6. GL

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I just looked… Your right was flicker always this broken??? I mean i knew I wasnt paying attention to the meta last patch but holy cow how would i have missed such a ridiculous amount of damage… Itl be funny if flicker starts getting a perma ban in ranked though

Flicker has incredibly high base damage but it’s not easy to land all of it. If your team wasn’t dodging the A duration he deals really high damage. Also he’s very tanky so he can stay for long periods of time in the fight. Still he isn’t gonna outdamage carries in actual fights usually though.

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“Didn’t see that coming, did you?” - from Flicker

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They never do …

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I don’t think flicker got changed. He was like that last patch. Besides, you were playing BR.

Or you had a bad match or are bad in general.

Flicker got nerfed and he always did that much damage. If match lasted longer you probably would have ended up doing more than him.

Flicker has always had a high-ish basic attack damage (seriously - try WP flicker, use his B to slow enemies, combine it with his a to get them rooted too it’s quite funny. Don’t do it in ranked tho even if you do manage to win you’ll be banned for trolling) but not to the extent where he’ll ever be banned for it. It’s not like it makes him a major threat.