First 5v5 thread


Hey guys :smiley: So I played 3 rounds on the new map and it‘s amazing! It needs some polishing but overall it plays great. The free camera mode is perfect for tablets and it feels like playing on a much bigger screen. I am looking forward the new 5v5 meta nad things to be found out.
The new UI also looks better than I expected, but it still needs more polishing and bug fixes.
Thhat‘s it :wink:


I played two rounds now! It plays well but I have problems hitting the skills xD and the new Ui ingame!


5v5 is only for ticket holders in 2.12 right?


Yes thats right - but fortunately 2.12 is probably going to be a fairly short patch!


That’s right. I’m glad they went with a shorter golden ticket access period so people don’t have to wait too long.


Although I have a ticket i still like the short early access time, since golden ticket holders wont get too big of an advantage!


I love it!! :yum: But i dont realy like the new UI.


how does this thing work lol


New forums UI to match new vainglory UI. It will just take a bit but we will adapt quickly.


I’m loving the new 5v5, I’m still a bit clueless on some stages (haven’t watched any stream) but overall a great experience. Thanks to the forumers that played with me, we had awesome games :ozo:


Been having a lot of fun, partied for a bit with @Dachigenius, @Rikikoo and @klemnec and had some nice games ^^
The new map definitely has potential, it’ll take some time for me to have a decent grasp of it, but it’s really worth the time.


I don’t have golden ticket :frowning: :frowning:


UI sucks game is great thats all i have to say


I’ll play 3v3 to let you guys know what its like.


I like the feeling of so much space, it feels definitely much better


I’ve played a match with TConn, and another match with @BobRoss and @DIMTI and I think the concluding point is just that I’m horrible. Both matches I lost but in the first match, I think I did relatively decent as Flicker or at least, it was fun. Our Celeste was really good and did lots of damage since she was the only CP hero on our team (enemies bought mainly armor which made our team useless when Celeste wasn’t there). I placed a lot of scout cams and helped maintain vision, although I never saw anyone else place down scout cams. They got taken down easily since the enemy team also had a Flicker and they were more aggressive. We lost since they stole Blackclaw (twice) since our team was attacking it when the whole enemy team were alive and only we only had a few people attacking it at the start causing it to be stolen and our team to be wiped. In the second match I played Krul against Alpha in the bottom lane. I died against her twice in the early game while contesting for farm. I think that speaks more than anything about how bad I am.


hi :b::o:r :b: :pouting_cat: :wrench: :heart: :wink:


Agreed, feels bad that I have no ticket :frowning:


Meh, I have golden ticket. I honestly played BR 3 times before even trying 5v5. When I did try it I got stuck as roam/cap/support. needless to say we lost and there was nothing I could do.


So what is the meta heroes in 5v5? Do some heroes like baron feel much stronger even after the nerf?