Finding free chests


Well last time I discovered that teams season countdown showed the season countdown while semc hiding it from us , and in this update they removed the season countdown from the teams , that’s a quick fix for a pointless thing , so since they trying to hide the free chests and bury them under the deals , the quick way to reach them without the scroll down is by clicking (bag) then you see your glory up there click it and you going to see the free chests boom there .


That’s a trick I’ve been using since I read you (thanks btw), but they just nerfed it as well…


Yeah now you have to click the ice and scroll up a little , I have no idea why they changed the chests place , the previous one was to make people check all the market then they can open the free chests , it’s a weird change but ok .


Hey, at least we know they read the forums, thats a good thing, rite guys?


The community section in game last time updated months ago , people mentioned it over and over in Reddit but nothing happened because probably the community managers have other priorities while it was a good thing to check while waiting a game .

I think fixing the team timer or the chest place should be a low priority for semc but they keep changing these things very quick .


Like finding jobs. (They were all let go several weeks ago.)


They let go part of them , I still see Sarah streaming in twitch and she is Spanish community manager , they wanted volunteers or semi volunteers because they get paid ice , i wonder if fan creations management going to be the volunteers job .