Finding Every Hidden Stat, Interaction, and Formula

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Part 1 Need help finding every hidden stat, interaction, and formula

My nerd side is starting to show itself and it wants to do some math. I’ve decided that I wanted to create a megathread of everything hidden. Whether it may be minion stats, how abilities interact with jungle bosses, or how much damage you need for a certain amount of breaking point stacks. I aspire to include much much more things that are not documented in-game (ex. Resonance doesn’t work on kraken) or are hidden from an average player (ex. How to calculate damage with pierce). I also plan to create an excel spreadsheets for equations so all you have to do is plug in info rather than type the whole equation into a calculator or do it by hand.

Right now, I’m working on formulas and equations, but I will (maybe) go onto the other aspects sooner or later. Where you guys come in is to feed me information I don’t know. It can be ANYTHING that is hidden or undocumented in-game. The more info, the better. Post a reply, link a thread, quote a person, I don’t care. However, I’m not compiling a trivia thread, please don’t give me outdated information.

Yes, I have looked at the “Complete Guide to Vainglory’s Hidden Stats and Calculations (by an Engineer)” thread on vgf.

Things I can think of that I want (you can give me info outside of this list):

  • Attack speed (at 100% attack speed)
  • attack speed w/ perfect stutterstepping (17% according to @Walda)
  • stats of minions/jungle creeps/jungle bosses/turrets and their Max levels
  • any special/unique hero/ability interaction
  • leash ranges
  • turret vision/attack range
  • ability cast times (too many cast times. changed to “cast time of long channeling abilities” such as 1S1K, VoJ, Hellfire Brew, Gauntlet, Spontaneous Combustion, etc. (I just realized that my examples are all ults. They aren’t limited to ults.))
  • movement speed gain from some abilities (some don’t give values, they only give adjectives)
  • glory earnings in spoils of war
  • what abilities can be seen/heard in fog of war (or what cannot be seen/heard if the list is too long)
  • rb’s barrier amount
  • whose health crucible uses for allied barriers
  • equation for fortified health (don’t just guess based on the description. There are two interpretations, both give different absorption for when damage exceeds fh)
  • in-game xp trickle
  • in-game xp needed to level up

Other info gained from thread:
(Hellfire Brew) splash is 85% of original damage (@Silvercloud)

Joule’s Thunder Strike ASpd cooldown bonus: 100% ASpd = 1 CDSpd (@Silvercloud)

Kestrel’s ASpd reload: 3.3 seconds / (1 + ASpd/2)

  • Her natural ASpd growth does not seem to count, but ASpd gained from Adrenaline stacks do. (@Silvercloud)

Lifesteal penalties: 50% effective on lane minions, 0% effective on structures (@Silvercloud)

The normal calculations for crit: ( [CritChance] * ( [NormalAutoDmg] * ( 1.5 * [CritDmgFromItems] ) ) ) + ( [NormalAutoDmg] * ( 1 - [CritChance] ) )
can be simplified to: [NormalAutoDmg] * ( 1 + [CritChance] * ( 0.5 + [CritDmg] ) )
After trying to make sense of it, it turns out that by doing CritChance * TotalCritDmg, you can amplify a certain amount (which is the crit chance), rather than all damage. Add 1 to turn it from a “damage increase from items” to a “damage amplifier”. Apply it to your autos, and tada. Ken’s work shown in thread, and I’ve verified it through algebra and arithmetic methods. @KenRyu

Jungle creeps take 6 min 30 sec (or 390sec) to reach max gold capacity. @Maxiey

Cp execution does not work on turrets. Wp execution does, but it is capped at 400 before armor. @Xelioz
Thanks for helping if you did help :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: I am not 100% I will make a megathread. You know how you lose motivation when stuff starts pilling up. But I’ll try my best. Even if this doesn’t get implemented, the info/thread still exists, so it’ll help people who see this.

Part 2 Undocumented Info pt2: Hero and Ability Interactions [Need Help!]

Hello! For the few people who helped me out on the other thread, thanks again:). Looks like the thread died and I shouldn’t try to necro it (also a poll asking if this is a good idea is still open, please contribute to it).To those who are new to what I’m trying to do, I’m trying to create a megathread of everything hidden or undocumented in-game. Formulas (those in-game and those that I created because it seems useful), interactions, hidden stats, maybe even hero lines and more.

Part 2 is this thread right here, and I still need your help (cue Uncle Sam poster saying We Want You). This time, I’m looking specifically for hero and ability interactions and functions are aren’t in the in-game descriptions. I’m also looking for things that may need to be clarified and bugs as well. Below, ive put down what I have so far, so please correct incorrect things, test untested things, and add un-added things. Feel free to take a look for curiosity’s sake though.

Note:Bolded/Underlined and (?) statements are unsure and need to be tested and given the correct description if necessary.

Undocumented Hero/Ability Interactions

Infinite Reboot
-slice and missing health damage is based on alpha’s real health bar, so when she is rebooting, she is counted as 0 health

  • the cooldown is the same as the cooldown of termination protocol
    -it takes 5 seconds to reboot

Prime Directive
-does not detect lane minions or petal’s munions

Core Charge

Termination Protocol


Arcane Renewal
-[Test npc damage sources]

Gift Of Fire

  • 8% heal health ratio only applies on burst heal

Agent of Wrath

  • damage buff is amplified by both adagio’s and ally’s broken myth stacks

Verse of Judgement


Julia’s Gift

  • vengeance regenerates 5% per second (-1 second for BfB cooldown)
  • basic attacks regenerate 15% vengeance (-3 seconds for BfB cooldown)
  • crits regenerate 25% vengeance (-5 seconds for BfB cooldown)

-Ardan still dashes even if the ally dies

  • damage on a vanguarded ally regenerates 10% vengeance (-2 seconds for BfB cooldown) (tested by vanguarding self and taking damage. Result was 5%.)

Blood for Blood

  • cooldown correlates with ardan’s current vengeance
  • the vengeance bar depletes after the attack, so BfB does not regenerate vengeance
  • since vengeance bar and BfB cooldown are intertwined, if BfB has cooldown acceleration, then the difference between normal cooldown and current cooldown is regained in form of vengeance


  • enemy dashes are halted at the walls
  • the walls’ positions are telegraphed prior to creation
  • the telegraph appears around where you tap. If Ardan is moved or is blocked by a wall, the telegraph will remain the same position and be inaccurate.


Bad Mojo


Fearsome Shade


Rocket Launcher

  • buffs and auto-proc items only affect primary target
  • crits affect all targets

Porcupine Mortar

Jump Jets

  • power up is 0.1 seconds for every 1 meter (tested by timing how long it takes to go 10 meters and 16 meters. 10 and 16 were the edges of the ability range, so it would be more accurate. Assuming linear decrease)
  • every 1 wp decreases the power up time by 0.5% (assuming linear decrease)
  • you can use Porcupine Mortar when flying and powering up
  • you can auto when powering up

Ion Cannon

  • he he he he heard globally upon activation
  • impact of missile shakes screens, the closer you are to the epicenter, the more the shaking


  • still grant barrier even when it deals no damage (On Point gets barrier when attacking taka’s while using Kaiten)

Feint of Heart

  • execution to heroes is capped before armor
  • heroes and minions also leave behind a rose trail even when the ability kills them, so you can walk over their corpse and still get a momentary speed boost

On Point

  • still grant barrier even when it deals no damage (On Point gets barrier when attacking taka’s while using Kaiten)

Rose Offensive


Captain of the Guard

Merciless Pursuit

  • the auto attack range is increased when active


  • cooldown starts after the bubble is depleted
    -deflection damage is evenly split between a max of 3 enemies (?)
  • deflection prioritizes heroes
  • the bubble still prevents damage to Catherine even if there are no valid deflection targets nearby

Blast Tremor

  • cast time is 2 seconds

Julia’s Light


  • stars on the map have a small vision range

Core Collapse

Solar Storm

  • the side stars explode and disappear upon impact, but the lead star explodes and continues going
  • stars do not explode not disappear when hitting minions or jungle minions, but they will still deal damage
  • Celeste is briefly visible when sending stars out (bug?)

Willow Whisper

  • standing still for ~3 seconds will give the effect
  • grace period?

Binding Light

  • gives vision inside zone
  • dang, the radius is so small
    -targets that are rooted have three equidistant protruding planks of wood (?) connected by straight branches (?)

Fairy Dust

  • can be used before match starts


  • two parts of animation: 1) Flicker waving his lantern and 2) the dust covering everyone. Flicker cannot move during the first part, but can during the second
  • grace period?
  • attacking or being attacked only breaks that hero’s stealth (clarification)
  • do Petal’s munions and Fortress’s wolves also stealth?


  • if Fortress goes away from an allied hero, he has a timer before losing the speed bonus. When he gets back near an ally, the timer is reset.
  • grants 1.7 movespeed

Truth of the Tooth

  • there is a delay before the lunge attack, which you can use to mark an enemy but lunge at a different target or not lunge at all

Law of the Claw

Attack of the Pack

  • if two enemy heroes are alive, then two wolves will track 1 enemy hero while the last wolf will track the other enemy hero. If one enemy hero is alive, then all three wolves will track that hero. If no heroes are alive, then wolves track the next lane minion/turret in line to be destroyed
  • wolves have a small vision range
  • wolves’ basic attacks apply LotC bleeding and allow bleeding stacks to rise
    -wolves deal weapon damage
  • wolves give 10 gold to the killer

Hunt the Weak


Twisted Stroke

  • it is possible to proc a knockback attack through twisted stroke
  • twisted stroke knockback currently does not work (bug)(?)



Living Armor

  • do npc attacks delete living armor stacks?


  • dash or speed boost?
  • AoE effect around Grumpjaw or around target location?


  • can Grumpjaw’s bonus weapon damage be applied on abilities or ability ratios?


  • can Grumpjaw still attack or perform abilities when eating?
  • can Gwen’s Skeddadle or Phinn’s Perk prevent being eaten?


  • empowered attack cooldown scales exactly like normal attack cooldown

Buckshot Bonanza

  • has a decaying slow (just in case you missed it)


  • is not disabled even when stunned or silenced, so you can use it to cleanse stun and silences on yourself

Aces High


Divergent Paths

  • all basic attacks are considered melee attacks (items that differ between melee and ranged will use melee even when you use a ranged attack)
  • initially melee
  • WP path perk can only be activated through melee attacks
  • CP path perk can only be activated through ranged attacks
  • CP path perk does not have a built in 100% wp or 100% cp ratio (clarification)
    -CP path perk still applies basic attack effects


  • only empowers next basic attack
  • npc attacks prevent barrier gain


  • Lyra’s Arcane Passage can prevent Chakram from returning

Shimmer Strike

  • Idris has no hitbox
  • Idris cannot be targeted and all prior targeted actions against him are canceled

Heavy Plating
-attacks that spawn at Joule (Spectral Smite, Law of the Claw Bleeding Proc, etc.) and do NOT take in account Joule’s bonus stats

  • the plating is 220 degrees (respective to the front, it rotates 110 degrees to the left and 110 degrees to the right)

Rocket Leap

Thunder Strike

  • crit chance is calculated separately for each target

Big Red Button

  • Bright Bulwark and Gauntlet prevent Joule from moving backwards, but the beam still activates (if not stunned) (clarification)
  • total damage is divided into 6 intervals, one instantly and another after 0.3 seconds after the previous one



  • the cp portion only extends a few meters behind the first target
  • since they are counted as basics, they grant adrenaline stacks if it hits anything. This only applies to the WP portion, not the cp portion (clarification)
  • does not amplify buffs and auto-proc items (tested damage values with tb. Haven’t tried ac or buffs yet)

Active Camo
-it takes 200 WP to have enemy attacks “reset” ability to 0 sec (?)

  • not a hidden interaction, but theoretically, if you attack enough times before being damaged again, you can go into camo
  • invisibility is canceled whenever kestrel starts a recall

One Shot. One Kill.

  • the first portion of 1s1k is hidden when kestrel is camo-ed


Pouncy Fun

Twirly Death

  • empowered attacks do not trigger bloodrush’s speed boost

Yummy Catnip Frenzy

  • Due to the long animation time, Koshka cannot move or use other abilities
  • cooldown starts after the ability is finished or if it is canceled
  • a large face appears above the target before koshka initiates the ability (which allows for easier reflex blocking)

Shadows Empower Me

  • walking out and into a bush again will still decrease the empowered duration, but standing still will initiate the timer requirement for the empowered proc, even if you have an empowered proc currently active (clarification)

Dead Man’s Rush

  • does not amplify buffs and auto-proc items (tested damage values with tb on kestrel’s glimmershot)

Spectral Smite

  • lifesteal is wp only (tested by comparing heal with no items with heal with ac as well as using Ult)
  • stacks are refreshed when target is hit by krul (clarification)

From Hell’s Heart

  • Hellrazor lingers at max range for a bit before boomeranging back
  • not hidden, but remember that Hellrazor also applies a weakness stack to target

Partisan’s Technique

  • every target in a 4.5 meter line with two points, one at lance and one at Lance’s target, is dealt damage (clarification)
  • tb and as only affect primary target, while buffs and ac affect all targets


  • Lance lunges/dashes forward, which leaves a small minimum ability range around him (also allows for Lance to jump across some walls)
  • Rooted enemies have stone rubble around them

Gythian Wall

  • his debuff immunity remains active when you cancel Gythian Wall (bug)

Combat Roll
-Time for rolling…


Principle Arcanum

  • both missiles are counted as basic attacks

Imperial Sigil

  • health: 12 ticks
  • Rate of natural decay: 1 tick per second
  • decay per affected hero: 4 ticks per second

Bright Bulwark

  • prevents enemies from using portals when inside (mismatched description)
  • walls can deal damage and slow you again after 1.8 seconds
  • enemy dashes are halted at walls
  • slow is only active when inside Bright Bulwark zone

Arcane Passage
-enemies have an initial delay (1 second) before being able to use the portal (?)

  • dash abilities will not go through portals
  • portals act as blinks, not dashes (blinks are teleports. They instantly move you to another location without dragging the character across the map)
  • portals are globally visible

Carnie Luck

Three-Ring Circus

  • 1st hit: tb and as on primary target. Ac and buffs on all targets
  • 3rd hit: auto-proc items only affect primary target. Crits are with all targets


  • you cannot acrobounce on structures like turrets and vains


  • if Ozo does not reach the target in time or if target stealths, the ability is canceled

-munion movement speed is faster as distance it needs to travel increases (?)

  • munions can follow and attack stealthed targets
  • seeds do not disappear upon death
    -attack speed buff can be gained from any target (unsure kraken)

Brambleboom Seeds

  • seeds and munions give 2 gold to the killer


  • the seed dropped is equivalent to Brambleboom Seed’s seeds. If Brambleboom Seeds is lv.0, then Trampoline’s seed/munion is lv.1

Spontaneous Combustion

  • seeds will go through same wait time before spawning a munion as Brambleboom Seeds’s seeds
  • if petal selects a target, then the munion closest to it will detonate. If petal has no target, then the munion closest to her will detonate
  • munions can still be killed during detonation process


  • Phinn yells “Woohoo” or “He he he he” after every time a debuff is blocked due to his perk. Everyone nearby will hear it as well.


Polite Company

Forced Accord

  • cooldown refund is not given when the enemies reflex block a pull
  • minions and jungle monsters do not prevent cooldown refund


  • fortified health conversion is 100% wp (bug?)

Winter Spire

Chill Winds

  • also gives fortified health
  • rooted targets have ice shards around them



Double Down
-100% crit chance is removed after projectile leaves Ringo. If the target dies before projectile lands, then the crit chance is still lost (bug?)

Achilles Shot

Twirling Silver

Hellfire Brew

  • follows the target till the end of time
  • note: be careful of accidentally targeting a minion
  • the target is marked with a fiery ring (which could help him rb it)
  • splash damage is 85% primary target damage(affected by shield?)

Berserker’s Fury

  • can’t tell auto-attack’s bloodrage gain. Testing says it’s probably ~8 bloodrage.

Into the Fray


  • prevents instantly auto-attacking after either activation (no aa reset)
  • hidden cooldown before being able to activate second activation
  • Rona cannot cross walls by this ability (but damage and effects are still applied)

Red Mist

  • all fortified health removed after ability

Corrupted Genius

  • dark lightning bolt auto attack instantly hits target

Malice and Verdict

  • if the first shot is empowered, then the second shot will be too, even if Samuel is no longer inside Drifting Dark

Drifting Dark

  • slowly drifts? Pfff


  • only hero and turret source attacks can cancel sleep

Spin Up

  • a bar below SAW’s health bar displays the number of stacks. It is visible to everyone.
  • doesn’t lose stacks when stunned

Roadie Run
-cooldown starts when ability is finished

  • missing health damage does not work on turrets or vain

Suppressing Fire

  • damage over 6 ticks (one upon initial attack, others 0.4 seconds after previous tick)

Mad Cannon

  • missing health damage does not work on turrets or vain

Fan the Flames

-tiny splash damage around impacted target (?)

  • reduces damage TO 85% previous value, not BY 85% (clarification)


  • overdrive: lengthens enemy burns to 6 sec (clarification)

Dragon Breath


Target Lock

Forward Barrage

  • Refreshes Target Lock when a bullet hits target with Target Lock

Suri Strike

  • spawns 4 missiles (1 at target, 1 at tapped area, 1 at 33% distance, 1 at 66% distance)
  • Refreshes Target Lock upon using ability (does not need to hit an enemy)

Death From Above

  • when tapping a location away from lock target, the missiles will land perpendicular to the line between the target lock target and your tapped location (clarification)
  • first missiles do not damage target, only stun (clarification)
  • missiles are aesthetic, location of missiles do not determine damage location. The damage is the same regardless of missile animation (clarification)

House Kamuha

  • taka’s attack speed is lower than most others


  • the damage is dealt at the end of the ability


  • Taka will still heal and have speed boost if seen by flares or turrets (clarification)
  • Taka has a short grace period at the beginning of the ability where incoming damage does not reveal him
  • invisibility is canceled whenever taka starts a recall
  • can be used before match starts



Julia’s Song

  • bounces prioritize heroes
  • bounce targets are applied with resonance (clarification)
  • auto-attack target is not dealt with the bounce damage (clarification)

Sonic Zoom
-Vox throws two attacks at the previously attacked target. If the enemy is out of range or an invalid target, then Vox throw two attacks at the closest target (prioritizing heroes) (clarification) (?)


  • enemies (including enemy heroes, minions, jungle bosses, objectives, etc.) that are hit with Pulse send out a 2 sonar-like sound waves (does not do damage, purely aesthetic) that can be seen even when they are hidden out of view. The sonar-like sound waves will also expand toward vox’s position when he used Pulse. (This is a double edged sword. You can see locations of enemies (but don’t know who they are), but they know what direction you are (but not your exact position))
  • can be used before match starts

Wait for It

  • bounces only occur at the second wave (clarification)

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