Finally! Jeez!

I finally, FINALLY AFTER LIKE 3 YEARS, came across @HipsterSkaarf in a game. Was too lazy to screenshot but it was one of the few challenging matches of the day and gg. It was blitz, and between him being a legendary talent phinn and having an epic talent ylva on his team we got spanked, but everybody tried.

My only regrets are not DESTROYING YOU IN EPIC FASHION BUAHAHA and, um, not picking my old main skaarf instead of my man reza to do it because maybe we would have won buuut…

Until next time @HipsterSkaarf.
Until next time… >:)

At least we got to dance together! :smile:



It was a fun match! I love running into other forumers. Too bad you couldn’t have been on my team. The other two players were really laid back; we spent the first forty seconds trading cheers pings because we all had the Halloween ping pack installed, and then just chatting about the phinn skin. The highlight was definitely the dancing though!


That sounds awesome! I wish I would get some more positive people on my teams when I play. Once in a blue I get somebody cool but more often than not I get trolls :frowning: one person even told me to go kill myself the other day because they kept chasing kills into dangerous situations and I refused to follow them. Swiftly banned though!

I’ve been mulling going back to playing ranked games after a months long hiatus so hopefully once I rank up we can team up sometime! By the way what level is your talent man, I didn’t check it but damn it was like we did literally no damage to you all game lmao. Not that I had help half the time =/

It was actually the epic talent, Phaster, at maybe level two? I’m the rare player that picks a support in blitz and actually builds tanky, so maybe that’s why I felt so unkillable lol

Wtf o.o; dude I remember I hit you with a combo once and saw your health drop like a sliver and decided not to attack you anymore thinking you had raid boss, and I started out with a DE O.O If you remember your build let me know because I have never seen a phinn take so little damage outside of having raid boss on, even without me having built up stacks! I mean i bought an aftershock too and it seemed to do nothing!

I forget who your third player was, but against Cath and Reza, I’d start :vgitem_crucible: and :vgitem_fountainofrenewal:, with protector contract, the t2 defense that builds into rook’s, :vgitem_t1_sprintboots:, and a couple scout traps. Then I’d finish up Rook’s, add a pulseweave, some boots with the fur, and bingo bongo.

Ah so thats what it was, the barriers. I didn’t even notice it when they were coming up, no wonder lol. Though I had had a couple drinks while I was playing so I wasn’t at my best. Yep, barriers are definitely a reza’s worst nightmare.

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