Finally a Lyra buff!

Increased her based health, her sigil ratio and damage and her bulwark damage too
but I want her snare back!

Without her snare and her ability to shut down dash move was Lyra’s speciality!
now her bulwark is like Lorelai splash pool thing…

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the problem is not only her Health ratio, is that qhen healing the whole team, her A heals a really small amount of health, so in 5v5 is more foccused on the speed boost. They should add an other healing that depends on the number of allies inside, so her A doesn’t dessapear at the same moment you cast it.


True, either that or they increase her sigil health or bring back her health burst heal which will be beneficial to the team

She got buffed last patch too (30 characters)

I really miss her Bulwark snare - sometimes I drop it vs a BF and he uses RO while in it and I’m so SHOOK

I miss her 4 seconds snare
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I miss the pre-hotfix Lyra when she can delete everyone in less than 5sec

Throwback to the first day of talents - Twin Missiles + WP Ringo build

Just like the removal of BF rose trail… the removal of her snare was actually a “buff” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I miss release day lyra who could delete everyone with AA slows of doom and faster attack speeds