Final Goodbye

Alright boys, just wanted to say bye everyone. Thanks for all the good times. Mods please deactivate my account here after this post. I don’t intent to reply in this thread either so you can deactivate it right after reading this.

I had some time and I played a couple of games. The first one had a wp Vox from character select go glass cp in match then point and thumbs up on me. The second had an alpha that was mad at SAW so he stole all his farm and SAW would thumbs up him and I thought, enough of this goddamn shit. Time to rip the bandage clean. The admin is not interested in what I have to offer so I have no obligation to stay here (good for me), Reddit I can’t delete the account unfortunately cause I use it for other subs, I’ll be deleting VG shortly and idmon if you don’t have access to the guild application form, let me know on Line, I’ll get on that.

The forum feels foreign to me not because of the work done (kudos to the team for salvaging SEMCs destruction and going above expectation) but because the only one I seem to recognize is Mike and Xal. So yeah not sure if there’s really anything to say that I didn’t already in the official forum. Good luck to everyone, I wish you all the best sincerely.

Again mods, please deactivate my account after I’ve posted this thread, I don’t need a reason to come back here. Valiantly and vehemently bidding thee farewell.


i remember u from the old forums
by by

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Don’t worry he’ll come back. They all come back

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haha i didnt want to post that in my reply but i was totally thinking that too, all of these goodbyes don’t last long. They ALL come back.


What about ranked mode tho…
What ever happened to “we’ll rank together!”?

bye friend. Be well
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Did you delete your account? 30 char